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After outlining factors that were vital to the success of sustaining peace efforts, she said greater coherence and synergy across the United Nations system was needed, as were regional strategies that included the full participation of national actors.
Being a Sustaining Partner of NAMA is one way Syngenta can support NAMA programming.
"Philips strongly supports the work done by the Illuminating Engineering Society and its members, and our new Diamond Elite Sustaining Membership is reflective of our commitment," says Arif Quraishi, vice president, marketing & sales support for Philips Lighting Americas.
ONS Lifetime Sustaining Member: AstraZeneca-Booth 927 & 1023
Security assistance in environments like Afghanistan requires that combat capabilities and their sustaining institutions be in place even as their underlying structures, support, and policies evolve.
Grants front the Colorado Trust are made for more direct and sustaining service to disabled veterans and their families.
The book includes case studies, strategies and charts and covers four challenges: dealing with leadership succession; keeping the learning agenda alive; sustaining a culture of innovation; and steering an honorable course through external upheavals.
This study attempts to identify those elements that assist in building and sustaining an academic online community about teaching and learning.
As Christensen argued in his first book, there are essentially two types of innovation: sustaining and disruptive.
Sustaining technology refers to the day-to-day expectations of patient and provider--everything from blood sugar monitoring to general anesthesia.
If such discontented people work for change through democratic processes, any changes adopted are likely to be beneficial and sustaining. If instead they use tyrannical methods to effect change, the resulting society will require total conformity (repression) and can't succeed in the long run as a democracy and, therefore, won't be adaptive.