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SWATHSnow White and the Huntsman (film)
SWATHSmall-Waterplane Area Twin-Hull
SWATHSpace Weather and Terrestrial Hazards
SWATHSoutheast Washington Association of Treasure Hunters
SWATHSmall Wetted Area Twin Hull
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One example is the GPS-based Section Control (formerly Swath Control) developed by John Deere for field sprayers.
The SWATH Cloud Toolkit brings a number of BaseSpace applications to extract biological insight from SWATH proteomics mass spectrometry data, including apps for processing raw mass spectrometry data, protein fold-change analysis, visualising results in biological context, in addition to data quality review.
Tambien podemos definir al SWATH como un pequeno barco de gran capacidad de estabilidad, que lleva a cabo su travesia venciendo la resistencia de las olas para proporcionar un viaje mas tranquilo y relajante, a grandes velocidades y en todo tipo de condiciones marinas extremas, con la misma maniobrabilidad que tienen las embarcaciones mayores (con la desventaja de que estas si son impactadas gravemente por el oleaje).
a swath width of more than 400 km with an azimuth resolution of well 10 m [12-14].
Although the sub-aperture MoCo has good accuracy at the swath centre, it is difficult to gain consistent focusing quality for the targets all over the swath.
But swath grazing, backed up by supplemental harvested grain, saves farmers money and labor compared to feeding cows hay in a corral near a barn during winter.
In many cases, supporting a clavicle fracture so it can heal involves fitting the child with a figure-eight bandage, a sling and swath, or a Velpeau sling improvised from stockinette.
The creek is a tributary of the Santa Clara River, a normally dry swath that runs from Acton to Oxnard and feeds wells for Ventura County agriculture.
Though the Pentagon survived the impact remarkably well, the plane cut a vast swath of destruction throughout the affected portion of the structure.
The final shot of the series unexpectedly shows a wide swath of muddy farmyard.
Her district also encompasses a swath of voters who live light-years away from erudite Madison philosophically: blue-collar workers who value secure jobs, good schools, and access to health care above all else.
What's interesting is, though, how this curious little sect and its primitive mindset came to rule a big swath of the Arabian peninsula and its vast oil resources