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SWAYSurvey of War Affected Youth (Uganda)
SWAYSouth West Atlanta Youth Foundation (Atlanta, GA)
SWAYSouthwest Washington Advocates for Youth (youth offenders program)
SWAYState Workers Advocating Youth Awards
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Proprioceptive, visual and vestibular thresholds for the perception of sway during standing in humans.
We found no significant change over time in the ratio of postural sway with eyes open to eyes closed in either treatment group," the investigators said.
The acceleratory reflexes, attributed to the semicircular canals, assist in tilt detection and sway displacement.
Lobo da Costa and associates (1) compared the balance of non-professional dancers when barefoot and in single-leg poses en demi-pointe--attitude devant, attitude derriere, and attitude a la seconde--and observed less postural sway in barefoot, with the most body sway in the attitude derriere position.
The step width (cm), speed (cm/second), and the end sway (degree/ second) were assessed (Figure 2).
A quotient of horizontal and vertical sway was calculated: the cumulative sway path in the horizontal plane (sum vector of x- and y-sway) was divided by the vertical sway (quotient of horizontal/vertical sway = [Q.
Storytelling is an art and now with Sway you have a chance to bring this art alive.
Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY)(TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, has revealed details of a new concept car called Sway.
The tech giant has revealed its newest app called Sway, which works for both PC's and mobile devices, including the iPad and iPhones.
He took it to some mechanics, who looked underneath and found it to be the rear sway bar.