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SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle (financial)
SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle
SPVSenior Vice President
SPVSweet Potato Vine
SPVSmart Phone Video
SPVSound Pictures and Video
SPVSpecific Volume
SPVSampler Performance Validation
SPVSapeur-Pompier Volontaire (French: Volunteer Firefighter)
SPVStandard Presumptive Value (vehicles)
SPVSpectrum Pursuit Vehicle (toy)
SPVSolar Photo-Voltaic
SPVSurface Photovoltage
SPVSingle Point Vulnerability (nuclear safety; various organizations)
SPVService de La Protection des Végétaux (French: Plant Protection Service)
SPVSound Pictures Video (Orange Smartphone)
SPVSubsistence Prime Vendor (dining services contractor)
SPVSociété Pédagogique Vaudoise (French: Vaudoise Educational Society; Switzerland; est. 1856)
SPVSon Photo Vidéo (French: Sound, Picture, Video; Orange smartphone)
SPVSpatial Performance Visualization (wireless networking)
SPVSpecial Purpose Visa
SPVSpecialist, Transport Airman (US DoD)
SPVService de Préparation à la Vie (French: Preparation for Life Service; Canada)
SPVSystem Performance Verification
SPVScald Protection Valve (Speakman Company)
SPVSouth Polar Vortex
SPVSpecial Purpose Venture (investment)
SPVSchweizerischer Podologenverband
SPVSpace Position Value
SPVSelf Piloted Vehicle
SPVState Probability Vector
SPVSemantics-Preserving Variation
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Digestibility trial was conducted to determine nutritive values of berseem hay (BH), sweet potato vines silage (SPVS) and sweet potato vines hay (SPVH) using 12 mature male NZW rabbits with an average body weight of 2.5 kg and 8 months old.
Ileal and total tract apparent protein and amino acid digestibility of ensilage and dry cassava leaves and sweet potato vines in growing pigs.
Speaking of sweet potato vine, this is one of the easiest foliage annuals to grow.
At this stage, Rhodes grass or Nandi setaria mixed with desmodium, supplemented with sweet potato vines or leguminous fodder shrubs, form good feeds and reduce feeding costs.
Total xanthophylls contents of the compound feed and dried sweet potato vines was determined by spectrophotometric method (Shimadzu UV-1700 spectrophotometer), while lutein and zeaxanthine contents were determined by Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer at TUBITAK-ATAL and presented in Table II.
October 1--First frost of the season killed some of the top growth on the sweet potato vines.
In addition, the CP content in the DM of sweet potato vines (vines and leaves) ranges from 16 to 29% (Dung, 2001) and the protein has a reasonable amino acid (AA) pattern (Woolfe, 1992; Ishida et al., 2000).
Coleus, geraniums, wax begonias, impatiens, sweet potato vines and tradescantia all do well with this type of multiplication.
Sweet potato vines are another must-have annual that benefit from discipline with a pair of pruners.
If the deck or patio is sunny, beefsteak plants, bananas, cannas, coleus, crotons, hibiscus, mandevillas and sweet potato vines are all candidates for containers.