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SWLGScared Weird Little Guys (Australian comedy music duo; aka The Scardies)
SWLGScottish Wild Land Group (UK)
SWLGStichting Woonvoorzieningen Lichamelijk Gehandicapten (Dutch: Foundation for Physically Disabled Living Accommodation)
SWLGSpecial Waste Legislation Guide (Canada)
SWLGSouth West LAN Gaming (website)
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Dynamic swelling curve obtained were fitted to the three different kinetic models namely Peleg's kinetic model, pseudo 1st order as proposed by Lagergen and pseudo 2nd order kinetics.
I tried taking antihistamines and painkillers to help with the swelling and I had an ice lolly to keep them cool but they just got out of control.
The Emirati teens came up with the idea of creating the system that can protect the body from swelling if a person gets a fracture, after their friend suffered a badly swollen arm from a simple fracture.
The remedy helps decrease pain, reduce inflammation and also swelling, speed up the healing process.
are the most common reasons for lymph node swelling. Thus, a high index of clinical suspicion and FNAC can make the diagnosis closer without advanced tests.
Infection: An infection in the body can lead to an increase in white blood cells concentration and cause swelling in lymph nodes of the neck.
Dr Eunice Kimani, a medic at Aga Khan Hospital, said the students could be suffering from Oedema, a swelling that occurs when there is excess fluid collection in body tissues.She said several medical conditions, certain medications and some lifestyles can cause swelling of tissues.
In the second exposure, it starts swelling again from an already swollen state.
However, many of these researches of expansibility of swelling rock can be traced back to the test methods of expansive soil, either applying a uniaxial or an improved uniaxial consolidation equipment to obtain the swelling qualities of swelling rock under the stress of lateral confinement or multidimension.
The culprit was found to be the battery swelling inside, causing the front panel of the phone to bend and separate itself from the body.