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SWLGScared Weird Little Guys (Australian comedy music duo; aka The Scardies)
SWLGScottish Wild Land Group (UK)
SWLGStichting Woonvoorzieningen Lichamelijk Gehandicapten (Dutch: Foundation for Physically Disabled Living Accommodation)
SWLGSpecial Waste Legislation Guide (Canada)
SWLGSouth West LAN Gaming (website)
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Smartphone batteries shouldn't be swelling, especially when the devices affected are newly bought ones.
A descriptive study of thyroid swelling is carried out between 2011-2016.
The sides of the neck/throat area is perhaps most commonly where people notice their glands swelling, but it's also common to spot swollen lymph glands in the armpits and groin.
If your doctor confirms that the swelling isn't related to one of these underlying problems, you can try to ease it with the following strategies.
A 16-year-old boy presented with dyspnea and a 2-day history of bilateral parotid and submandibular swelling.
Hence, while the extraction processes can influence the thermodynamics of swelling processes (by changing solvent activity), there is not an experimental measurement difficulty caused by significant mass loss during swelling of these materials, if the solvent is changed so as to keep the concentration of extractables low.
Reflecting on reports that the F1 champion was communicating with doctors and family immediately after the accident, traumatic brain injury specialist Tony Belli said a sudden decline was typical of brain swelling.
Based on the experimental results, it is inferred that the compaction of swelling soils slightly on wet of optimum and avoiding over compaction may help mitigating their swelling potential which otherwise can cause severe distress to civil engineering structures, especially to lightly loaded structures.
Background: Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) of external swellings may yield different specimen adequacy depending on different gauge needles used for aspiration.