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SWIFTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
SWIFTStaff Web Information Tree
SWIFTSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
SWIFTStatewide Investigative Fraud Team (Contractors State License Board; California)
SWIFTSpinning Wheel Integrated Force Transducer (MTS Systems Corporation)
SWIFTStored Waveform Inverse Fourier Transform
SWIFTStratospheric Wind Interferometer For Transport studies
SWIFTSouth Wales Integrated Fast Transit
SWIFTSaccade Generation with Inhibition by Foveal Targets (parallel processing)
SWIFTSwitchable Façade Technology (EU)
SWIFTState Wildland Inmate Fire Team (Colorado)
SWIFTStructured What If Technique (risk analysis)
SWIFTSouthwest Airlines Integrated Flights Tracking
SWIFTStatewide Interlibrary loan Fast Track (Colorado)
SWIFTSimple Web Interface Toolset
SWIFTSoftware Interoperability Facility for Time Critical Targeting
SWIFTStreamlined Worldwide Information Today
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Swift was poor, Jonathan was not strong so the fond and daring nurse was allowed by the mother to keep her little charge until he was nearly four.
At fourteen Godwin Swift sent his nephew from school to Trinity College, Dublin.
The 'Journal' is interesting also for its record of the minor details of the life of Swift and of London in his day.
Despite his political success, Swift was still unable to secure the definite object of his ambition, a bishopric in England, since the levity with which he had treated holy things in 'A Tale of a Tub' had hopelessly prejudiced Queen Anne against him and the ministers could not act altogether in opposition to her wishes.
Besides Tom and his father, the Swift household was made up of Eradicate Sampson, a colored man-of-all-work, who, with his mule Boomerang, did what he could to keep the grounds around the house in order.
From one activity to another had Tom Swift gone, now constructing some important invention for himself, as among others, when he made the photo-telephone, or developed a great searchlight which he presented to the Government for use in detecting smugglers on the border.
She also had arisen and had gone for a walk and the hand that raised the shade was the hand of Aunt Elizabeth Swift.
Then the Doctor asked Dab-Dab to fly up and tell the swallows that pirates were coming after them in a swift ship, and what should he do about it.
95-101) `Yet, come, friend, quickly take the red-dyed reins of the swift horses and raise high courage in your heart and guide the swift chariot and strong fleet-footed horses straight on.
One with a swift stroke cut the throat; another with two swift strokes severed the head, which fell to the floor and vanished through a hole.
And on my inner vision flashed the memories of my dreams,--the midday sun shining on tall grass, the wild bull grazing quietly, the sudden parting of the grass before the swift rush of the tawny one, his leap to the bull's back, the crashing and the bellowing, and the crunch crunch of bones; or again, the cool quiet of the water-hole, the wild horse up to his knees and drinking softly, and then the tawny one--always the tawny one
Alert, dilating and contracting, as swift as cautious, and infinitely apprehensive, the pupils vertically slitted in jet into the midmost of amazing opals of greenish yellow, the eyes roved the room.