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SWIGSStructured Web Image Gallery System
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When the first Swig opened in spring of 2010, owner Nicole Tanner never would have imagined that her company would be where it is today.
Tanner's husband, Todd, came up with the idea for Swig after realizing that something he had multiple times a day--a soda from a fast food chain--could be turned into a unique business.
And without the Swigs, but with Milsteins, the other two families have a 50 percent interest in the major development sight on 42nd Street that abuts Eighth Avenue.
9 percent managing interest in three buildings from the Swig Weiler portfolio for $210 million.
What we have is one of the best name recognitions in New York and one of the oldest management firms," Swig said.
We've ensured the top management in the firm has stayed on and signed contracts with us for the long term, " said Swig.