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SWILLSeveral Wine Imbibers Liking Libations (wine tasting club; Allegany, NY; est. 2003)
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The coroner is to sit in the first-floor room at the Sol's Arms, where the Harmonic Meetings take place twice a week and where the chair is filled by a gentleman of professional celebrity, faced by Little Swills, the comic vocalist, who hopes
A whisper circulates that this is Little Swills. It is considered not unlikely that he will get up an imitation of the coroner and make it the principal feature of the Harmonic Meeting in the evenlng.
Little Swills is waiting for the coroner and jury on their return.
Boy put aside, to the great edification of the audience, especially of Little Swills, the comic vocalist.
Uygongco also encouraged the government 'to make a strong stand against swill feeding' as such practice is the 'primary source of outbreaks.' He said that such practice 'could be controlled by ensuring that the food waste will not be fed to the pigs.'
Swill feeding is a widespread practice among backyard hog raisers because of its affordability.
Swill feeding is the feeding of food scraps to pigs, a practice that has caused foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks overseas, including the catastrophic epidemic in the United Kingdom in 2001.
Agriculture officials warn that swill feeding raises the risk of ASF.
The pigs were white but almost all were stained black or grey.Quite a number of pigs had material hanging from the anuses, which we determined to be strings or polythene papers fed in the swill and were now exiting the digestive system intact.
Swill must be heated to a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes to kill bacteria before being fed to pigs.
Felimon Santander, chair of Backyard Raisers Association, said that swill feeding using household scraps is okay but collecting leftovers from restaurants, especially from the airports and seaports, is strictly discouraged.