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SWIRLStory Writing in Remote Locations (literacy program; Australia)
SWIRLSex Workers' Internet Radio Lounge
SWIRLSouth West Interdisciplinary Romanticism Link (symposium; various universities; UK)
SWIRLStrategic Workshop on Information Retrieval at Lorne (Australia) Retrieval Strategic Workship on Information Retrieval at Lorne (Australia)
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For axial swirler, the swirl number is related to the swirl angle, [theta], inner [r.sub.i] and outer radius [r.sub.0] as given by [19] which the swirl number was proportional to tan [phi] [20]:
Wakaberry was recently awarded IFYAs Swirl of Honor for its commitment to excellence the first time the award has been given to a frozen yoghurt brand outside the US.
Working from one end of the pan to the other in a straight line, roll a hard-boiled egg through the swirled colors and deposit it in an egg carton to dry.
Swirl Whirl has done an amazing job of staying true to the initial vision throughout their advertising, store experience and online persona, and we value our ongoing creative relationship.”
Canepa Bang, who had been the CEO of Financial Service Centers Cooperative, the last of the three national networks to come under the CO-OP umbrella, said that she and other executives from other shared branch networks had long wanted to change the swirl logo but had held back because it belonged to the concept of the shared branch and not to any one organization, She also noted that it's always a risk to change a long-established brand.
Here it should be noted that formation of swirl structures in the flow does not necessarily indicate an unsteadiness and a turbulent regime (Metwally and Manglik 2004; Muley and Manglik 2000).
Sibling brand Mountain Dew has also been testing a bottle featuring a swirled grip reflecting a more aggressive design.
In the present work, we only change the outer-ring flow type (radial flow (nonswirl flow) or swirl flow with various swirl angles and inclination angles) but keep the inner-ring flow type (radial flow) and the other remaining components the same.
To make the swirl, tip all the swirl ingredients into a bowl, beat until smooth and set aside.
These investigators found improved diffuser performance with swirl up to ascertain point after that it deteriorated.
Iced Dunkalatte is also available in two signature flavours such as Iced Mocha Swirl Dunkalatte and Iced Caramel Swirl Dunkalatte.