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SWOOPSSolar Wind Observations Over the Poles of the Sun (US NASA)
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In a single night a swoop was made through the neighboring pastures by the Blackfeet, and eighty-six of the finest horses carried off.
The consequence was a second swoop, in which forty-one were carried off.
Crooks suddenly broke up his feigned trading establishment, embarked his men and effects, and, after giving the astonished rear-guard of savages a galling and indignant message to take to their countrymen, pushed down the river with all speed, sparing neither oar nor paddle, day nor night, until fairly beyond the swoop of these river hawks.
They were declared to be aerial torpedo-boats, and the aeronaut was supposed to swoop close to his antagonist and cast his bombs as he whirled past.
The moment I came down into the warm atmosphere of Caspak, the creature came for me again, rising above me so that it might swoop down upon me.
At each end of the yard there did indeed hang the dark figure of a man, jolting and lurching with hideous jerkings of its limbs at every plunge and swoop of the galley.
For a moment there would come a lull in the storm, but then it would swoop down again with such onslaughts that it seemed impossible to stand against it.
In a stormy question and answer session, heads at their annual conference blasted the climate of "fear and bullying" created by his watchdog's swoops at 24-hours notice.
Some shapes will tumble, some will spin or float, others might soar and swoop, but I'm sure there will be some that take a complete nosedive," said Life's head of public engagement Elin Roberts.
TEAMS of Ofsted watchdogs are to swoop on schools in council areas failing to give children a good education.
Edited by Tony Woolway Police swoop on homes in hunt for bombs POLICE investigating the Newport bomb blast swooped on dozens of houses yesterday searching for explosives and taking in men for questioning.
And League One promotion chasers Leeds have completed a double swoop for experienced Crystal Palace keeper Daryl Flahvan and Reading centre-back Sam Sodje.