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More good news: Investors tend to reward companies that run synchronized supply chains.
One second after they recalled a word from the studied list, synchronized neural firing declined sharply for a fraction of a second.
Synchronized swimming was an exhibition sport at the Olympics 1948-68 and became a medal sport in 1984.
Tubes takes up very little desktop space and is designed to work alongside all existing applications, letting students drag and drop contacts & emails, Office documents, even MySpace, Facebook and YouTube browser pages and URLs directly to their tube - all instantly synchronized to everyone every time.
Naeta, a beginner in synchronized swimming, went along to the championships and participated in the novice division just for the experience, Erazo said.
If a person updates their tube while on a train or plane, once re-connected to the Internet their community will instantaneously have access to this updated content - and anything that changed in the tube while they were out of touch will be synchronized to them at that same time.
Brain waves arise from synchronized neural activity.
EnerNOC's market-leading entry into PJM's Synchronized Reserves program expands the breadth of services it now offers in this large and dynamic region.
Synchronized activity in this region, rather than increased firing by single cells, may provide pivotal information about movement direction, they suggest.
In response, part of the receiving system began generating just the chaotic fluctuations to which it is synchronized.
0 firmware supports synchronized digital inputs using SPDIF and ADAT interfaces, including automatic signal and sample rate detection for SPDIF inputs and automatic signal detection for ADAT inputs.
Synchronized firing by neurons has attracted widespread scientific attention only in the last decade.
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