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SYNSynonym (file name extension)
SYNSynyster Gates (guitarist)
SYNSynechocystis (bacteria)
SYNSynaspismos (Greek political party)
SYNSynchronous Idle
SYNSynonym File
SYNStudent Youth Network (Australia)
SYNStudent Youth Network, Inc. (Australia)
SYNScrew Your Neighbor (game show podcast affiliated with The Awful Show)
SYNSouth Yorkshire Newspapers
SYNSynchronous Idle Mode
SYNSomething Yet Nothing (band)
SYNSeven Year Night (band)
SYNSmoke Yourself Numb
SYNSinister Yet Noble (gaming clan; World of Warcraft)
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The global synchronous condenser market is projected to reach USD 606 million by 2024 from an estimated USD 549 million in 2019, at a CAGR of 2% during the forecast period.
To stress the importance of the synchronous component, I weighted it 25% of the final course grade; and to promote participation in the synchronous session over the alternative assignment, I created an alternative assignment that was more involved than simply watching a recording of the session.
This is while representatives of Belarus, Japan, France, Portugal, Russia, US, Denmark and Kazakhstan will compete in the synchronous program among men.
There are many gross and microscopic features which help in distinction between synchronous primaries and metastasis.
[H.sub.3a]: Employee commitment has a significant synchronous effect on employee affective engagement
When using synchronous motors, the range of possible transport speeds is significantly larger compared to asynchronous motors.
Keywords: E-Learning, students' perspective, asynchronous activities, synchronous activities
With this story and general context in mind, I hoped to circumvent the disconnection by holding synchronous sessions to teach, answer questions, build rapport, and otherwise bond with students in an upcoming online statistics class.
(5) Online discussion can be categorized into synchronous and asynchronous, depending on the method of computer mediated communication (CMC).
Gates Corporation, a global diversified manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, has launched Poly Chain(R) ADV, its next generation synchronous power transmission belt, the strongest, most durable product of its kind.