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STBMstrabismus (gene)
STBMSimchat Torah Beit Midrash
STBMSoon to Be Mom
STBMSucks to Be Me
STBMsyncytiotrophoblast microparticles
STBMSeminiferous Tubule Basement Membrane
STBMShaft-to-Bore Misalignment
STBMSelf-Tuning Boyer-Moore (string search)
STBMsyncytiotrophoblast microvillous membrane
STBMSmart Tunnel Boring Machine
STBMstate-transition-based method
STBMSturgill Turner Barker Moloney (Lexington, Kentucky)
STBMSet Top/Bottom Margins
STBMSystem Test and Boot Master
STBMStandard Bacterial Mutation
STBMSouthern Tier Bassmasters (Little Genesee, NY)
STBMScience, Techonology & Biomedicine Month
STBMSeam To Be Mined