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SOKSaviors of Kamigawa (gaming, Magic the Gathering Set)
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SOKSøværnets Operative Kommando (Danish Naval Command)
SOKScroll of Knowledge
SOKSouth of Kennedy (Tampa, FL)
SOKSword of Kahless (gaming)
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SOKSeeress of Kell (gaming)
SOKSleeping On Keyboard
SOKSterling Order of Knights (gaming clan)
SOKStra Ochrony Kolei (Polish Railway System)
SOKSystem of Knowledge
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Delivering a system of knowledge management needs a great effort and like the other information technologies start, commission and taking advantage of it needs a considerable effort.
Allard follows Bradley's discussion of both syllogistic and nonsyllogistic inference in order to show that, while such inferences are justified by the larger system of knowledge, they are not, as Mill claims, a mere recounting of what we already know.
But strategically, this means that e-learning must evolve into a system of knowledge management and sharing that focuses on making experience and other intangible skills available throughout the corporation.
And therefore, beyond social analysis, to understand poverty we need to have some other system of knowledge to understand Asian religion.
Moreover, people do not live within a single hegemonic system of knowledge, which exclusively informs their actions.
The discipline involved in training our bodies to do what we want them to do when we want them to do it is something that carries over in the ability to understand the system of knowledge that is our body and apply that to other bodies of information.
That, to my way of thinking, is much more dangerous than a system of knowledge which is tentative and uncertain.
The author argues that industrial production of these medicinal herbs triggers a profound transformation of the ways in which herbs are sourced, the ways in which medicines are produced and sold, and the perception of Tibetan medicine as a system of knowledge and practice.
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