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t-PATissue Plasminogen Activator
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No controlled trials of IV t-PA in pregnant women have been conducted.
PAI-1 polimorfizminin yani sira t-PA Alu repeat I/D polimorfizminin de tromboz gelisiminde rol oynadigina dair celiskili veriler mevcuttur.
Blood t-PA level is increased, since elimination in the liver is decreased.
If bleeding is significant, stop the t-PA infusion and administer cryoprecipitate at 1 U/5 kg and other blood products as indicated.
Increased plasma t-PA has been reported to be marker of endothelial dysfunction and has been associated with increased risk of CHD.
The court affirmed the trial court's refusal to admit the evidence of the testimony of the Reeds' expert medical witnesses who were of the opinion that the Granbury Hospital's failure to have a protocol for the administration of T-PA to stroke patients was negligence since it prevented the administration of T-PA to stroke patients.
The court rejected the hospital's contention that it was entitled to a directed verdict because regardless of when the stroke was discovered, t-PA should not have been administered to the patient in this case because the drug is contraindicated for a post-arterial incision patient.
The significance of t-PA treatment according to sex did not change when the investigators controlled for age, systolic blood pressure, diabetes, baseline score on the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale, the symptom onset to treatment time (OTT), the Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score, the effects of OTT on treatment, and the interaction of diabetes and OTT.
At 100 [micro]g/ml, there was a significant change in the amount of t-PA antigen produced by either HUVEC or HUA-EC (1.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of IV t-PA for this purpose in 1996.
In the late 1980s, the drug t-PA was found to reduce mortality in heart attack patients more than streptokinase - - but it cost 10 times as much.
In the mid 1980s, it emerged that the vampire bat enzyme was related to a clot busting substance called t-PA but was more potent.