tDARThe Digital Archaeological Record (Tempe, AZ)
tDARTheater (Warfare) Data Analysis and Reduction
tDARTactical Defense Alert Radar
tDARTalkRadar (podcast;
tDARTemporary Department for Academic Research (Philadelphia, PA)
tDART-cell Dependant Antibody Response
tDARTailgate Detection, Alarm, and Recording System
tDARTerrestrial Digital Audio Radio
tDARTactical Data Analysis and Reduction
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The Council should examine TDARs on a regular basis and consult with relevant Members to discuss their development assistance activities.
Next, in order to control for other possible effects, we estimated the cross-sectional relation between TDAR and institutional ownership by estimating weighted least squares (WLS) regressions of the form:
The results reported in Exhibits 2 and 3 documenting a positive relation between TDAR and the level of institutional ownership are consistent with the effective-monitoring hypothesis.
We do, however, find a significant positive relation between AFR and TDAR.
The positive relation between LTAFR and TDAR indicates that equity issue announcements convey information regarding long-term earnings also.
We find a significant positive relation between both TDAR and LTAFR with institutional ownership for the low-q group only.