TKOHTseung Kwan O Hospital (Hong Kong)
TKOHTeam King of the Hill (gamemode)
TKOHThe Kingdom of Heaven (movie)
TKOHthe Knights of Honor (gaming clan)
TKOHThe Kingdom of Hearts Organization
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From 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013, a total of 1392 psychiatric consultations were seen in all departments of TKOH.
Among the consultations referred from the wards of TKOH, 188 were hospitalised due to the nature of their suspected mental condition.
The most common reason of referral from all departments of TKOH was risk assessment which included the assessment of suicidal and violent risk.
All these measures ensure provision of high-quality psychiatric services to the patients of TKOH.
An important reason that patients with self-harm could not be assessed on the same day was because the visiting psychiatrist only stayed in TKOH for half day.
If such patients could be arranged to stay in EMW of TKOH instead of being admitted to the general wards, there could be enhancement of CL psychiatric services with focus in support to EMW along with reduction of the admission rates to medical wards and the length of stay of these patients.
There are pop-up notifications of unread referrals when the AC in-charge of TKOH CL service logs into the CMS of TKOH.