TNYThe Not Yet (Brazilian band)
TNYTrue North Yoga
TNYTrue North Yachts (Canada)
TNYTeach Next Year (teacher residency program; University of Massachusetts, Boston)
TNYTrees New York (urban forestry organization; est. 1976)
TNYTotal Nodal Yield
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TNY has about 80% of its turnover in the bar market, and its espresso is served in more than 1,000 bars and cares throughout the region surrounding Florence.
TNY offers four highly distinctive blends, each with its own memorable taste and aroma, and running from a pure Arabica, containing such rarities for example as a certified Jamaican Blue Mountain, to hearty but smooth blends of Arabicas and selected Robustas.
I've heard more people talking about "Crisis in the Hot Zone" than about any other magazine piece in recent months, with the possible exception of Adam Gopnik's superb Matisse essay in the October 12 issue; it probably represents the happiest conjunction of the new moment and the old at TNY. I think it's safe to say that, for better or worse, the November 2 article on Iran/contra, "In the Loop: Bush's Secret Mission," by Murray Waas and Craig Unger, would not have found a home under earlier regimes.
It is now installed in a number of tny rooms beneath the Wapping Dock pub.