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TabTablature (musical notation)
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RA 55 preserves a tablature accompaniment to the melody preserved in the Ballard print, though the melody itself is not included in the manuscript.
Thus we can assume that much of Berti's music was composed significantly earlier than its date of printing, and that it circulated in regular musical notation, without tablature for Spanish guitar.
It seems from his discussion in the Syntagma that Praetorius conceived of basso continuo as being somehow equatable to keyboard tablature, advising organists to compare the intabulation of a vocal composition with its continuo part.
It is in contrast to the movements on the Continent where lute tablature was invented in the late fifteenth century and Ottaviano Petrucci published the first printed lute books in 1507.
Although Dirksen argues convincingly that this was a matter of compositional choice on the part of the composer, it is worth noting that a fair number of the sources are notated in tablature, which necessitates a score-like layout in a regular number of parts, and that pieces employing free-voiced textures by other composers are reduced to regular four-part textures in tablature sources.
The precise notation of accidentals in lute tablature shows that, while Le Roy is not altogether consistent, he uses more melodic subsemitones at cadences and half cadences than did Goudimel, whose mensurally notated partbooks are in any case less explicit, depending on the singers' preferences in applying accidentals in a more or less traditional manner according to the rules of musica ficta.
0n these paintings and particularly the French lute tablature depicted in them, see Heartz.
It took place in the autumn of 1977, when as an undergraduate I was learning how to transcribe lute tablature and was intrigued by a reference to an article by Diana Poulton on `Graces of play in renaissance lute music' in the April 1975 issue.
These transcriptions tell us something of the rhythmic style of Gumprecht's playing, since the even quavers of the tablature are frequently transcribed as dotted.
Performers on the lute, cittern, bandora, and lyra viol used to playing from tablature might prefer versions of their parts in that format, although regular scoring is of course more accessible to scholars and non-specialists.