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TACKTransit Authority of Central Kentucky
TACKTubulin-Associated Calmodulin-Dependent Kinase (neurochemistry)
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Still the Ghost tore along, till the boat dwindled to a speck, when Wolf Larsen's voice rang out in command and he went about on the starboard tack.
I was not a hundred yards from her when the wind came again in a clap; she filled on the port tack and was off again, stooping and skimming like a swallow.
We must tack within three arrow flights, or we may find a rock through our timbers.
I fear that we can scarce bide upon this tack," cried Hawtayne; "and yet the other will drive us on the rocks.
And as we laid out on the next tack to wind-ward, I bent a piece of line to a small grappling hook I had seen lying in the bail-hole.
He never went to sleep without spreadin' a box of tacks on the floor, and when it wasn't them it was crumpled newspapers.
She stole a glance at Martin, who was busy putting the boat about on the other tack, and she could have hated him for having made her do an immodest and shameful thing.
Tack, 33, appeared at Kirklees Magistrates' Court in custody.
Tack is often investigated via probe tack experiments [16-21] using a polymer melt or, more generally, an adhesive placed on a stationary plate and a vertically movable cylindrical probe on top.
Asphacal TC, a specially formulated liquid lime, is diluted and applied on the tack coat, after it has been applied and 'cracked'.
HUNDREDS of sharp tacks were put on a BMX track used by children over the weekend in a move that has been described as "sabotage".
The Reflex Furler is also available in a code zero kit with a fixed tack that is easily interchangeable with the swivel tack for your asymmetric sails.