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TAELThe Architects Enterprise Ltd. (Chicago, IL)
TAELThermoforming Applications Engineering Laboratory
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In 1806, there was a surplus of 710 strings of copper coins (equivalent to 710 taels of silver) left after the annual repair.
Considering the arguments thus far, it is perhaps surprising that the particle ega has consistently been characterized as a negative question word in Estonian grammars (Metslang 1981 : 27; Sang 1983 : 142; Erelt, Kasik, Metslang, Rajandi, Ross, Saari, Tael, Vare 1995 : 168, 112).
The gap was some VND160,000 ($7.14) a tael on Friday, when prices in Vietnam dropped to below global rates for the first times since 2011.
As a growing number of Chinese and others around the world do business in tael, it would eventually become a dominant international currency.
Tael explained that the Strategy can, among other things, remove bureaucratic obstacles to regional development that affect things like the realization of the principle of the free movement of goods, services and people.
Sally Hannah (CBI), Howard Marshall (director, Hill & Smith Holdings and former CBI chairman), Dr Kaja Tael and Meelis Kuusberg (Estonian Embassy), Adrian Willetts (chairman, SHG Group; Kent Kirby (managing director, Barnsby Saddlery), Gregory Fattorini (managing director, Fattorini Ltd) and Robert Cooke (chairman, Howard S Cooke & Co; Mary White (pro-vice Chancellor, UCE), Cillian Ryan (head of European Research Institute, University of Birmingham), Jelena Williams-Pozdnjakova (Estonian researcher, University of Birmingham
(17) Major Chaebol groups which have gone bankrupt in 1997 including Hambo, Sammi, Jinro, Dianong, Sacngbongwood, Kia, Tael Media and New Cor.
Much gold is flowing into China in the form of tael bars and Chuk-Kam gold jewelry, and the gold-buying spree that led to some 400 mt of gold being imported into Taiwan in 1988 continues, although at lower levels.
After the goods were sliced, the salesmen revealed that the American ginseng was priced per tael. The price was 16 times different from expected.
Affixal adverbs combine with verbs to create so-called particle verbs (Erelt, Kasik, Metslang, Rajandi, Ross, Saari, Tael, Vare 1993 : 21) and thus differ grammatically from adpositions which form adpositional phrases together with their NP complements and have the grammatical function as adverbials.
However, the local gold price still remained at a higher level than the global price, with a price gap reaching 3.2-M VND ( US$153) per tael, much higher than the target at 400,000 VND (roughly US$19) set by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) Governor earlier this year.