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TAIRATsukuba Area International Residents Association (Japan)
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Ask her what drives her to this benign cause, and Taira rattles off statistics.
Taira); Mahara Institute of Medical Acarology, Anan, Japan (H.
All of these facts motivated many scientists to study how different types of bedding materials affected welfare including prevalence and severity of FPD in broilers (Bilgili et al., 2009; Nowaczewski et al., 2011; Mihai et al., 2013; Musilova et al., 2013; Taira et al., 2014; A krbic et al., 2015).
(203) In its ruling, the court cited the same Taira Lynn rule, also cited in Settoon, that the claimant need not own the damaged property or resources to recover economic losses.
On taira, ici, les autres vices encore plus sordides, de ces soi-disant [beaucoup moins que]cadres[beaucoup plus grand que] qui s'adonnent a des pratiques immorales, en connivence avec certains membres du comite dirigeants.
Knott, Kim, Elizabeth Poole, and Teemu Taira. Media Portrayals of Religion and the Secular Sacred.
One showed the ghosts of the Taira clan of Samurai attacking the ship of Minamoto no Yoshitsune (1159-1189) one of the most famous Samurai generals in Japanese history.
7DAYS is delighted to welcome Taira Adil to our team.
Os poucos trabalhos da literatura citam como compostos presentes em frutos de caqui, hidrocarbonetos: n-tridecano; alcoois: isobutil alcool, n-butanol, 3-metil-butanol, (E)-2-hexenal; acidos e os acidos acetico, caprico e palmitico (TAIRA et al., 1996; HORVART, 1991).
This Militia has been incorporated by the Government in its Border Guards and Central Reserve Police (Abu Taira).