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TAIRATsukuba Area International Residents Association (Japan)
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Taira will be working with 7DAYS as the Advertising Sales Manager for fashion and beauty retail.
Ten years together, Rubin and Taira attribute their lasting relationship to honesty and togetherness, personal and professional.
Now 14, Taira does not remember the incident clearly, but the ongoing firing near the border does not let her forget the pain either.
The Azzurri looked on their way to an easy win when Pratichetti and Gori crossed the whitewash in the opening 12 minutes, but the visitors hit back through tries from Usuzuki and Taira and some faultless kicking from James Arlidge.
According to researcher Takunori Taira, the lasers are able to ignite an engine three times faster than spark plugs, and because the beams can be focused precisely at the center of the fuel/air mixture, there is more-efficient combustion.
US 7,884,259 B2; Hiroyuki Hanao, Taira Kubo, Yoshiharu Miyashita, Tomotsugu Matsui, Akinori Fukae, Toshikazu Maeda, Hiroyuki Yano, and Takeshi Furudoi, assignors to Daio Paper Corporation, Ehime, Japan.
Pet shop and dog shelter owner Ryo Taira was among animal rescuers who rushed to return the creature to the sea.
In return, the carrier's president Frank Taira Supit made a series of money transfers into her account.
The apparent election defeat for 49-year-old Taira Yoshida, the candidate recommended by the DPJ, is seen as possibly having an impact on DPJ members' opinions on whether party President Ichiro Ozawa should resign over a fundraising scandal involving his aide.
npower volunteers Yasser Waseem, Dionne Stack and Taira Shabir join Catherine Pendlebury of England Athletics at the 2008 Disability Indoor Athletics
Run by Kumamoto Artpolis (also responsible for the realisation of Taira Nishiizawa's Tomochi Forestry Hall, a winner of AR Awards 2005), with Toyo Ito as judge, the competition was for entrants under the age of 35.