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TOTechnical Order
TOTable of Organization
TOTime Out
TOTop Offer
TOTotal Order
TOTravel Order
TOTrade Order
TOTravel Orders
TOTechnical Organization
TOTrade Option
TOTransfer Order
TOTheater Of Operations
TOToronto, Ontario
TOTop Opened (can collectors)
TOTask Order
TOTreat Official
TOTraining Officer
TOTitle Officer
TOTransportation Officer
TOTechnical Officer
TOTask Organization
TOTonga (top level domain)
TOTelephone Operator
TOTrain Operator (NYC Transit Authority)
TOTransmission Owner (power industry)
TOTraining Objective
TOTerminal Objective
TOToe (of bank; surveying)
TOTelecommunications Outlet
TOTake Over (Internet Relay Chat)
TOTactical Operations
TOTurnover (basketball)
TOThousand Oaks (California)
TOThe Offspring (band)
TOTransfer Orbit
TOTelegraph Office
TOTennessee Oncology (Nashiville, TN)
TOTangible Object
TOToaster Oven (Gamefaqs message board)
TOTurn Over
TOTerrell Owens (football player)
TOTicked Off
TOTocantins (Brazil)
TOTransverse Optical
ToTorstai (Finnish: Thursday)
TOTraditional Orthography
TOTorino - Turin (Piemonte, Italy)
ToTocharian (linguistics)
TOTactics Ogre (PSX game)
TOTycoon Online (game)
TOTruncated Octahedron
TOTheatre Ontario
TOTimestamp Ordering
TOTracking Offset
TOTactical Ops mod (Unreal Tournament)
TOTractor Overseas (Ferguson tractors built under license in America)
TOCentral Imagery Tasking Office (CITO) (NIMA)
TOTransistor Outline Metal-Can Package
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The contract is for the implementation of forest services in Rock Forest in 2015 under the Takeoff attached hereto.
Dash 2 had not switched the primary radio to departure as instructed by tower after takeoff clearance.
1994) Mathematical model of the takeoff phase in the pole vault.
If you go above V1 and abort the takeoff, there is insufficient roomat the end of the runway and there is the chance of going off the end of the runway at a very fast speed and things can then go very badly wrong.
The pilot did not scan the attitude gyro, heading indicator, radar altimeter, turn needle or ball after the initial power pull and attitude setting for the instrument takeoff.
Being overweight is especially troublesome for the close-air support variant of the F-35, because its primary feature is the short takeoff and vertical landing capability.
A MyTravel spokesman said: ``We can confirm that a MyTravel Airways aircraft carried out an aborted takeoff for safety reasons at Manchester Airport on Sunday February 29.
Also, observe each takeoff and take notes of any unusual flight behavior.
As a result, the pole angle and takeoff angle components will improve and the confidence level and takeoff velocity will increase the potential for an efficient pole bend.
In Portrait of Daniela, the same woman lies on a deck chair beneath ominous skies, silently teasing and flirting with the camera, while the footage on the opposing wall, shot from the passenger seat of an airplane, depicts a takeoff from the runway of London's Stansted Airport and ends with a panoramic view from above the cloudline, The intense, extravagant sound track to The Take-Off was of the Italian diva Mina singing the torch song "Io vivro senza te" (I'll live without you).
Also hoppers, feeders, and takeoff units for sheet, blown film and wire.
Only airplanes with 20 or more seats must have the capacity to clear obstacles at the end of a runway if an engine fails during takeoff.