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TOTechnical Order
TOTable of Organization
TOTime Out
TOTop Offer
TOTotal Order
TOTravel Order
TOTrade Order
TOTravel Orders
TOTechnical Organization
TOTrade Option
TOTransfer Order
TOTheater Of Operations
TOToronto, Ontario
TOTop Opened (can collectors)
TOTask Order
TOTreat Official
TOTraining Officer
TOTitle Officer
TOTransportation Officer
TOTechnical Officer
TOTask Organization
TOTonga (top level domain)
TOTelephone Operator
TOTrain Operator (NYC Transit Authority)
TOTransmission Owner (power industry)
TOTraining Objective
TOTerminal Objective
TOToe (of bank; surveying)
TOTelecommunications Outlet
TOTake Over (Internet Relay Chat)
TOTactical Operations
TOTurnover (basketball)
TOThousand Oaks (California)
TOThe Offspring (band)
TOTransfer Orbit
TOTelegraph Office
TOTennessee Oncology (Nashiville, TN)
TOTangible Object
TOToaster Oven (Gamefaqs message board)
TOTurn Over
TOTerrell Owens (football player)
TOTicked Off
TOTocantins (Brazil)
TOTransverse Optical
ToTorstai (Finnish: Thursday)
TOTraditional Orthography
TOTorino - Turin (Piemonte, Italy)
ToTocharian (linguistics)
TOTactics Ogre (PSX game)
TOTycoon Online (game)
TOTruncated Octahedron
TOTheatre Ontario
TOTimestamp Ordering
TOTracking Offset
TOTactical Ops mod (Unreal Tournament)
TOTractor Overseas (Ferguson tractors built under license in America)
TOCentral Imagery Tasking Office (CITO) (NIMA)
TOTransistor Outline Metal-Can Package
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Figure 4 - A comparison of the differences ([DELTA]) between the three types of speed, tested on girls [DELTA] 20m linear [DELTA] A Speed on [DELTA] A 20m linear speed - speed track without speed - speed on track without takeoff - speed on on track with takeoff track with takeoff takeoff B.
These would require in excess of a 2000-foot-per-NM climb gradient to clear if standard takeoff minimums had been offered.
Fiorentini's letter causes us to be of the opinion that the manual should make clear that the takeoff recording function does not work unless the app is running as the primary app.
By the time everyone figured out what had happened, Dash 3 was at 145 knots and elected to continue their takeoff.
1990) Techniques used by elite long jumpers in preparation for takeoff.
But) as soon as our patrollers realised the GoAir aircraft was still on the runway, we asked the Kingfisher plane to abort takeoff," he said, adding that the Kingfisher plane was to takeoff at 1.
The JAL plane stopped after about 500 meters following an order from the tower to abort takeoff.
On takeoff, pilots reach a point of no return, known as V1 speed, which is usually reached about two seconds before take-off.
on Monday, forcing air traffic officials to reverse landing and takeoff patterns and slowing arrivals and departures.
One of the darkest moments in the history of the Concorde was the Air France crash on July 25, 2000, when a flaming Concorde struck a hotel and burst into flames shortly after takeoff from Charles de Gaulle Airport, killing 113 people, including 4 people in the hotel.
Campbell showcases the slow-flying Fi 156 Storch which was designed by Gerhard Fieseler and Reinhard Mewes as a short takeoff and landing aircraft and was a very popular such model in the Germany military and governmental airforce during World War II.
Timberline Office users got closer during the past few years when Timberline partnered with automated takeoff vendor On Center to offer On-Screen Takeoff as part of the Timberline Office Suite.