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TANTotal Acid Number
TANTough as Nails
TANTransaktionsnummer (German: Transaction Number)
TANTooth and Nail (record company)
TANThunderbirds Are Now (band)
TANTransaction Number
TANTotal Area Network
TANTest Area North
TANThe Assimilated Negro (blog)
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TANTax Anticipation Note(s)
TANTotal Ammonia Nitrogen
TANTotal Access Networks, Inc.
TANThe Anime Network
TANThe American Nurse
TANTasso Annuale (Italian)
TANTax Account Number
TANTranslocation-Associated Notch
TANTiny Area Network
TANTransaction Authorization Number (banking)
TANTraction Avant Nederland (Dutch automobile club)
TANTexas Association of Nurserymen
TANTape Area Network
TANTremor Action Network (Pleasanton, CA)
TANTreatment Authorization Number (healthcare billing)
TANTechnical Application Note
TANTable Area Network
TANTemporary Authorization Number (password with expiration date)
TANTactical Area Network
TANTrunk Appearance Number
TANTransportation Advisory Notice
TANTeletype Alert Network
TANTest Advisory Notice
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The storage modulus (G') and the tangent delta for both samples are shown as a function of strain percent in figure 7.
This particular bullet has a traditional tangent ogive coupled with the boattail to get a good BC without being temperamental to seating depth.
00 pm GMT on 24 March, Bidco had received valid acceptances of the offer in respect of 175,128,849 Tangent Shares, representing approximately 62.
Then from the theorem "the length of the tangent squared is equal to the product of the secant by its outer part", one can easily conclude that MN is a tangent.
The findings further demonstrated that a driver will look at the tangent point 80 percent of the time when there is a shorter sight distance, such as with sharp, right-hand curves.
The potential geometric elements used to study driver speed behavior were 80 tangent segments, 40 circular elements and 70 tangent-curve-tangent transitions identified during the study of deceleration and acceleration actions.
The acquisition nearly doubles the size of Tangent, taking the marketing services company from sales of around pounds 9m to pounds 16m overnight.
Moroney says Tangent Design Engineering in Calgary took his working prototype and streamlined the design, simplifying the components for ease of manufacturing and quicker assembly.
Mr Green, who was ousted from the merged ITV group in 2004, owns a 45% stake in Tangent Communications which has tabled an offer for St Ives.
With the sides labeled opposite and adjacent, the tangent rule was selected.
Though a GPS unit will calculate the lost distance once the signal returns, it will do so on a perfect tangent.