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TXPTransmit Power (communications technology measurement)
TXPTransaction Processor
TXPTransaction Protocol
TXPTransponder (aircraft radio that responds to radar)
TXPTransmit Positive
TXPThin X Protocol
TXPTape Transport (usually open reel tape deck)
TXPTaxoprexin DHA-paclitaxel
TXPtumor xenograft pharmacology
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Double rolling 230 optic separator valve BRICK + PET or HDPE: CT-231 Conveyor belt rolling rejection: SI-232 non-ferrous separator: CT-233 Conveyor belt rolling rejection: CT-234 Conveyor belt rolling rejection: CT-235 tape transport trailers rejection: CT-236 Conveyor belt rolling rejection: CT-237 HDPE Film collection: CT-238 collection collection belt BRICK: CT-239 Tape HDPE double-BRICK: CB-240 deck control PET-HDPE-BRICK: Click PB-241 PET bottles since: CA-220 Tape Accelerator planar with flight case: S.
Tape guide rollers had been used in many tape transport systems, especially video systems.
This approach permits the tape devices to run at their streaming speed, avoiding the stop/start cycles of the tape transport that often impacts throughput.