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TPGTexas Pacific Group
TPGTransports Publics Genevois (Geneva, Switzerland public transportation)
TPGTNT Post Group
TPGTest Pattern Generator
TPGTrésorier Payeur Général (French: paymaster general)
TPGThe Parker Group, Inc.
TPGThird Party Grading (coin valuation)
TPGTotal Peripherals Group (Australian ISP)
TPGThe Parthenon Group (Boston, MA)
TPGThe Phoenix Group (Woodland, CA)
TPGTransformation Planning Guidance
TPGThermal Pyrolytic Graphite
TPGTest Program Generator
TPGThai Power Gym (online forum)
TPGTransducer Power Gain
TPGTerahertz-wave Parametric Generation
TPGThru-Plate Girder (railroad bridges)
TPGThe Producers Entertainment Group, Ltd (former stock symbol; now delisted)
TPGTechnical Publications Group (Tulsa, OK)
TPGTrigger Pulse Generator
TPGTechnical Program Group
TPGTroop Program Guidance
TPGThroughput Graph
TPGThreat Picture Generation
TPGTerrains & Practices de Golf (French golf equipment retailer)
TPGTrading Partner Gateway
TPGThe Phonics Game (toy)
TPGThe Pallas Group
TPGThomas Properties Group (various locations)
TPGThe Professional Group (various locations)
TPGTechnology Practice Group (various organizations)
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The Mister caught us as I was walking while tapping and Yoonhee was dragging her suitcase with wheels down the stairway.
After the expo, Tapping the Source provide wrap-up reports, and all materials featured on the site will be available through LinuxWorld's on line archives.
As a matter of fact, it has proven so reliable and strong, that TM Smith Tool Int'l offers its Tapping Guarantee of a Lifetime, which states in writing, "If the adaptor housing of any TM Smith holder ever breaks in the area of the ball drive when used with a standard TM Smith NTA tap adaptor under normal operating conditions, we'll repair or replace the housing free".
Here are possible causes and remedies for typical production tapping problems:
A uniform tapping speed is also critical to get uniform metal flow.
OVER THE years we argued about recognition and credit, tap's natural succession, women and wardrobe, He was "so sick of loose and comfortable"; I didn't want to see tapping women in unitards; I reminded him thai he was a guy and what right did he have to be so obsessed with what women wore anyway.
Now he had endurance and grace, tapping for almost eighteen minutes nonstop, working without music, only the sound of taps.
He spun out an exciting riff, embedding stomps in complex tapping.
Part and parcel of the down-to-earth tapping are the back-to-basics work-clothes costuming and improvised musical instruments.
When I expressed my admiration for his gorgeous green mosaic floor after I began tapping on it, he presented me with a complete sound system, microphone and all.
The tapping at the jams is "done to jazz music and emphasizes the dancer as a musician, as opposed to Broadway-style choreography," says Max Pollak of the dance troupe Manhattan Tap.