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TARTape Archive
TARThird Assessment Report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
TARThe Amazing Race (TV show)
TARTravel(er) Authorization Request
TARTape Archiver
TARTexas Association of Realtors
TARTibet Autonomous Region
TARTarpon (FAO fish species code)
TARTelevision and Radio
TARTotal Ankle Replacement (medical procedure)
TARThe American Resistance
TARTraffice Accident Report
TARThe Accounting Review (American Accounting Association)
TARTribunale Amministrativo Regionale
TARTennessee Association of Realtors
TARThrombocytopenia with Absent Radius (genetic disorder)
TARTop Albania Radio (online radio)
TARTavor Assault Rifle (firearm)
TARTreatment Authorization Request
TARTechnical Assistance Request
TARTrue Amplitude Recovery (energy exploration)
TARTechnology Assessment Research (various organizations)
TARTel'aran'rhiod (Wheel of Time Series)
TARTelluride Association of Realtors (Telluride, CO)
TARTarget Acquisition Radar
TARTri-Annual Review (various companies)
TARTranscriptionally Active Region
TARTotal Accident Rate
TARTransmission Access Review (UK)
TARTreatment Administration Record
TARTone Alert Radio
TARTemporal Association Rules on Evolving Numerical Attributes (data mining)
TARTechnical Assessment Report
TARTalent & Artist Relations
TARThreat Assessment Report
TARTerminal Area Radar (surveillance of aircraft near the airport)
TARTransverse Abdominis Muscle Release
TARThe Angling Report (fishing newsletter)
TARTour Aéroréfrigérante (French: cooling tower)
TARTest Accuracy Ratio
TARTest Analysis Report
TARTransportation Acquisition Regulations (US Department of Transportation)
TARTunisair, Tunisia (ICAO code)
TARTechnology Area Review
TARTop Antireflective (semiconductor processing)
TARTerrain Avoidance Radar
TARTemporary Admission Regime (Argentina)
TARTechnical Action Request
TARTask Assignment Record
TARTurn Around Ratio
TARTest Authorization Request
TARTechnical Assistant Request
TARTriel Auto Rétro (French automobile club)
TARTechnical Activities Report
TARTime and Activity Report
TARTrace Analysis Report
TARTestability Analysis Report
TARTicket Agent Report
TARTechnical Architecture Roadmap
TARTeam Action Record
TARTechnical Advisory Report
TARTraining and Administrative Reserve
TARTRACON Acceptance Rate
TARTask Acknowledgement Report
TARTraining & Administration of Reserves
TARTrouble Activity Report
TARTactical Air Reconnaissance/Request
TARTransaction Approval Request
TARTechnical Acceptance Recommendation
TARTask Assignment Request
TARThrust Augment Rocket
TARTime & Attendance Report
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We finally agreed that Tars Tarkas should return along the branch, leaving his longest leather harness strap with me, and that when the limb had risen to a height that would permit me to enter the cave I was to do so, and on Tars Tarkas' return I could then lower the strap and haul him up to the safety of the ledge.
Below us upon the river's bank the great white apes were devouring the last remnants of Tars Tarkas' former companions, while great herds of plant men grazed in ever-widening circles about the sward which they kept as close clipped as the smoothest of lawns.
We had no means of making a light, and so groped our way slowly into the ever-increasing darkness, Tars Tarkas keeping in touch with one wall while I felt along the other, while, to prevent our wandering into diverging branches and becoming separated or lost in some intricate and labyrinthine maze, we clasped hands.
This must include exiting the tar sands sector and strengthening policies to ensure that Indigenous rights are respected.
The tar which was used as an adhesive to join spear points to handles, is considered an important step in human knowledge and which furthered our dominance over the food chain.
When the volume ratio between quinolone and coal tar was 50: 2, quality ratio between coal tar and Zn(OH)2 was 20000: 1, the mixture were heated up to 45 AdegC at atmospheric pressure and keeping this constant temperature for 24 h, the ash content in upper-middle-class can decreased to 0.
Their power comes from Sultan's deft layering of Masonite, linoleum, tar, and plaster that is used to represent the smoky depths of the subject matter that he conjures," notes Sarah Newman, the James Dicke Curator of Contemporary Art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, who is coordinating the exhibition in Washington, D.
It's likely subway workers will not only find fossils, but potentially whole new tar pits containing tens of thousands of fossils," says Emily Lindsey.
This report provides detailed analysis of worldwide markets for Coal Tar Pitch from 2011-2016, and provides extensive market forecasts (2016-2021) by region/country and subsectors.
City officials suspect the tar has leaked underground from a an old gasification plant about a block away, and they discovered it as a contractor was digging out a damaged sewer line, in the hole, and sent a camera down to inspect the sewer.
Under the aegis of the investments of domestic private sector, IMPASCO plans to launch a power plant in Zarand tar refinery in the Southeastern province of Kerman," IMPASCO CEO Vajihollah Jafari announced at the inauguration ceremony of Zarand Coke Making and Tar Refinery today.
The court's growing acceptance of TAR is expected to affect all producing parties in future cases, regardless of whether they would prefer to use traditional keyword searching instead of predictive coding.