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T/OTime Out
T/OTake Out (restaurant food)
T/OTheater of Operations
T/OTable of Organization
T/OTrain Operator
T/OTarget of Opportunity
T/OThermal Oxidizer (equipment used in industrial environmental systems)
T/OTop Offer
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If being the "best of the best" is, indeed, a part of the culture of the organization, that it seeks daily to provide quality care, communicate with effectiveness, and harness change to effectuate better outcomes, then the time is at hand for that organization to say "no more" to serving as a target of opportunity. Providers must work with their insurance companies to become a partner in the process--to reclaim, in this field, the meaning of a "customer with rights." If we fail in the endeavor, shame on us!
"After this year, if we post a target of opportunity, obesity drugs or Alzheimer's drugs or whatever it is, we believe that will affect what pharmaceutical companies think," Crawford stated.
Pentagon officials later told CNN that the attackers probably did not know the convoy carried Bremer, saying the vehicles simply presented a target of opportunity.
Canyon Ridge Hospital was an inviting if risky target of opportunity. A 59-bed psychiatric inpatient facility in Chino, it was on the financial ropes.
Dobelle as Trinity's 18th president, promoted a vigorous neighborhood strategy, championed an ambitious comprehensive capital campaign, paved the way for the Campus Master Plan, shepherded the Target of Opportunity Program to increase minority faculty, and conducted a major study of the Greek-letter organizations.