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TGTSIGTarget Signature
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Physical Modeling of Infrared Target Signature. In general, IR target images are obtained by the process of IR radiation contrast, attenuation by atmospheric transmittance, photon to voltage conversion in the IR sensor, and analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), as shown in Figure 2.
3, which confirms the transmitter at -30[degrees] with zero-Doppler frequency and a very weak moving target signature at 90[degrees] with 52 Hz Doppler.
While the application of the proper phase correction will focus the moving target, it simultaneously defocuses the stationary clutter which makes the determination of the proper phase correction more difficult when the stationary clutter overlaps the moving target signature [2].
Multiple track file maintenance and the use of target signature analysis to reject false targets are useful countermeasures.
The newest of the three IR target signature and seeker measurement platforms operated at Eglin, ASETS is designed primarily for the air-to-ground measurement of armored vehicles and stationary targets and backgrounds.
In the SF-TR algorithm, SVD is applied to the chosen data matrix to obtain the coherent time-domain singular vectors that can be later used for backpropagation [15] or extracting target signatures [23].
In our experiment, judgments on the perceived complexity of the target signatures were obtained from subjects who were asked to assign a score indicating their perceived degree of complexity.
In both cases, good detection performance is a function of the signal-to-noise ratio that one can achieve in the target signatures. The radar system must either be coherent with good motion compensation capability or it must employ some innovative technique such as clutter-referenced MTI.
When the target signatures get low enough, decoys can become simple and inexpensive.
As of posting, supporters of the petition reached almost 20,000 and the target signatures increased to 25,000.
However, with the increasing data amount, the detection of target signatures becomes a challenging and time-consuming task.