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TATSTime and Temperature Sensitive
TATSThreat Assessment and Tactical Solutions (firearm self defense)
TATSTotal Army Training System (now The Army Training System)
TATSThe Army Training System (formerly Total Army Training System)
TATSTotally Accurate Tank Simulator (gaming)
TATSTactical Airlift Training Squadron
TATSThink About the Scene (acting)
TATSTactical Armament Turret System
TATSTerminal Acceptance Test Station
TATSTransient-Effect Area Test Signal
TATSTactical Transmission System
TATSTransportation Aviation Test and Support
TATSTowed Array Test Set
TATSTest Access and Testing System (Telcordia)
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A tier 3/community laboratory CD4 service was piloted at the existing De Aar NHLS laboratory to address the historically poor CD4 TAT and gaps in service.
The welterweight, 29, consulted with Becks, 33, over the 4x4inch tat on Ricky's right shoulder - and Becks helped the boxer come up with the regal lion motif.
(1995) evaluated general educators' satisfaction with the perceived purposes of TATs within 28 randomly sampled elementary schools.
Researchers in Europe and the United States have used computer simulations to study various aspects of clinical laboratory operation, including staff assignments, evaluating the queue length, and priority handling and processing TAT for different sample types (3-9).
Modeling results for hemoglobin and potassium TATs by ANOVA are shown in Table 2.
The associate administrator comments that the indicator on turnaround times (TAT) for the emergency department (ED) shows that although over 90% of the time the lab meets expectations for troponin TAT, the ED director is complaining.
We use a percentage goal to measure how many outliers occurred, and look for a completely satisfactory measure of performance on outlier TATs.
Arterial line draws demonstrated shorter TATs than direct arterial puncture specimens.
As TATs have decreased, clients' expectations have risen.
"TAT on outpatient lab work and inpatient Stat work will most likely change the traditional laboratory as we know it."