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TAWSTerrain Awareness & Warning System
TAWSTerrain Avoidance Warning System
TAWSTarget Acquisition Weather Software
TAWSTheater Airborne Warning System
TAWSTank Automotive Weapon Systems
TAWSTactical Air Force Weather Service
TAWSTactical Warfare Center
TAWSTornado Advanced Warning System
TAWSTowed Array Handling System
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This report focuses on the global Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
Work Engagement of TAWs: The Impact of Perceived Organizational Support
EDUCATION: A plurality of TAWs have graduated high school (32.6 per cent), followed by non-university post-secondary certification (25.3 per cent), less than high school graduation (22.6 per cent) and, lastly, university degree or certificate (19.5 per cent).
TAWS clients include those involved in the oil sands, construction and plant sites.
Feedback (good and bad) from fleet users of our CFIT products is critical to the development and maintenance of the COTS and embedded software GPWS and TAWS. We are committed to providing the best products and service to the fleet.
TAWS automatically gives an audio warning of "One Hundred Feet" and cannot be suspended by the crew.
WASHINGTON -- Craig Forester, chairman of the International Wood Products Assn's Government Affairs Committee, protested a proposed taw to curb illegal Logging during an Oct.
Write a 100-word essay in which you argue why the racial segregation taws in Alabama in 1955 should have been ruled unconstitutional
taws have increased regulations regarding "deemed exports" and relevant agencies are now beginning to implement large fines and criminal penalties and cause companies and universities public embarrassment.
At the time of going to A press, US contractor Boeing is reported to have completed first phase air testing of BAE Systems' TERPROM(R) Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) aboard its C-17 strategic transport aircraft.
As for Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (TAWS), the commitments consist of supplying to third parties open interface standards of other avionics products, so that new TAWS suppliers can have their products installed on aeroplanes which are equipped with other avionics from the parties.Furthermore, for the next generation of Integrated Hazard Surveillance Systems (IHAS), where the Commission felt the combination of Honeywell's engineering force and AlliedSignal's TAWS technology could well be strong enough to foreclose competition, there will be an obligation to supply to third parties with TAWS technology as well as interface data, so that third parties can continue to carry out product developments with crucial AlliedSignal technology.
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