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TELCOTelephone Company
TELCOTATA Engineering and Locomotive Company
TELCOThe East London Communities Organisation (est. 1996; UK)
TELCOTelecommunication Network for Cooperative Driving
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rights-of-way, which the telephone company already has the right to use.
Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for Prairie Grove Telephone Company, even through hard times.
Until the late 1970s, all telephone equipment was owned by the telephone company. Then a new federal law allowed individuals and businesses to purchase telephone equipment for the first time, beginning the end of the everlasting telephone rental program.
"As rural telecom providers we all have common interests and problems," says James Woody, vice president of URTA and founder of Union Telephone Company, one of URTA's 14 members.
--A conversation between comedian Eugene Mirman and an actual telemarketer selling the services of United American Technologies, a "Christian-based telephone company," posted as a sound file on the German Web site Spiegel Online.
The once incumbent national telephone company has pushed ahead with direct investments in the Asia-Pacific region and pursued strategic alliances with the world's most advanced telecommunications and tech companies, including HP, Microsoft and others.
Customers report they have been switched to a new telephone company without their knowledge and been visited by salesmen pretending to be from BT.
Earlier this month, the Evening Telegraph reported that the telephone company Hutchinson 3G was refused permission to build a 15ft mast in Deedmore Road, Wood End.
Additionally, as a proliferation of affordable voice, entertainment and broadband alternatives become available, some services that a telephone company offers may cannibalize revenue from other services in its portfolio.
The telephone company rang me to confirm that she was a tenant, which I did.
A country where the telephone company and the prime minister's buddy control a massive amount of media is not healthy for our democracy.
Prison and jail inmates, inmates' families, and a public-interest law firm brought an action against a state, state agencies and officials, and telephone companies, challenging the practice by which prisons and jails each granted one telephone company the exclusive right to provide inmate telephone service in exchange for a portion of the revenues generated.