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TELSETTelephone Set
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There are now over 160 million telephone sets in service in the home and small business markets.
Aircraft spare parts, telephone sets and other group commodities were the main imported products in November 2013.
Telephone sets in different blocks and wards of the hospital would also be changed.
According to figures released by Compu-data International (CDI), sales of the mobile telephone sets reached 482 million in the last quarter of last year, higher by 36.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) fluorometer - real time PCR - Elisa System, (b) computer printers, screens, scanners, fans, air suction fans among other items, also (c) telephone sets, earphone wire, also single and double line telephone sets.
Police in Sialkot recovered a cache of ammunition, and telephone sets from the suspects.
It is now the standard handset for tactical field telephone sets.
The arrangement provides for the shipment by HZQXCI of up to 300,000 units of fixed wireless telephone sets via Huawei within 12 months of the initial order.
Scitec, a manufacturer of telephone sets, and Maintenance Warehouse, a supplier of maintenance repair and replacement products, have partnered to manufacture and distribute Scitec telephones to hospitals, nursing homes, and related facilities throughout the United States.
has announced the availability of Remote Office 9110 and Remote Office 9115, which will allow home-based remote workers to have the same telephone sets, features and services as they would have working in the office.
The PBXmedia 8 offers up to 22 digital PBX integrations and over 40 digital telephone sets, and supports up to 8 ports of digital station passive tap integration, which provides VOX-level decoding of voice packets from proprietary PBX systems.