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TWXTeletypewriter Exchange
TWXTeletypewriter Exchange Service (AT&T)
TWXTeletypewriter Exchange Service
TWXTeletypewriter Message
TWXTeletype Communications
TWXTeletype Transmission
TWXCommercial Teletypewriter Exchange System (US Navy)
TWXNaval Message
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Communications services subject to the tax are local telephone service, toll telephone service or teletypewriter exchange service; see Sec.
Under section 4251 of the Code, three types of "communications services" are subject to the tax: "local telephone service," "toll telephone service," and "teletypewriter exchange service." Subject to certain exceptions, whether tax is due on long-distance calls turns on whether those services are "toll telephone service" within the meaning of section 4252(b):
4251 imposes a 3% Federal excise tax on amounts paid for communications services, which, for these purposes, is defined as (1) local telephone service, (2) toll telephone ser vice and (3) teletypewriter exchange service. In Letter Ruling 200133008, the Service ruled that this tax does not apply to payments made to LECs for primary-rate-interface (PRI) line service and "other line services" provided by a communications network operator that sells access to Internet service providers (ISPs).