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TMPTen Museum Park (Miami, FL)
TMPTraffic Management Plan (various locations)
TMPTélévision Mobile Personnelle (French: Personal Mobile TV)
TMPThe Motion Picture
TMPThe Manhattan Project
TMPToyota Motor Philippines Corporation (est. 1988)
TMPThe Music People (various locations)
TMPText My Phone
TMPThe Miniatures Page (website magazine)
TMPTemporary File
TMPTest Management Protocol
TMPTechnology Migration Plan
TMPToo Many Parameters
TMPToyota Motor Philippines
TMPStar Trek: The Motion Picture (first Star Trek movie)
TMPTheban Mapping Project (est. 1978)
TMPTactical Machine Pistol
TMPTransportation Management Plan
TMPThermomechanical Pulp
TMPThymidine 5'-Monophosphate
TMPTax Matters Partner
TMPTell Me, Please
TMPTranscontinental Music Publications (Union for Reform Judaism)
TMPTourism Master Plan (various locations)
TMPTransportation Motor Pool
TMPThe Meeting Place (online Uru community)
TMPTelecommunications Management Program (US DoD)
TMPTemplate Metaprogramming
TMPTrans-Membrane Pressure
TMPTurbo Molecular Pump
TMPTravel Marketing Professional (certification)
TMPThe Murfreesboro Post (news publication; Murfreesboro, TN)
TMPTime Management Products (Simi Valley, CA)
TMPTrimethyl Phosphate
TMPTransportation Management Program
TMPTokai Medical Products (Japan)
TMPTerminal Monitor Program
TMPThe Millennial Project
TMPToronto Motorsports Park
TMPThe Mothman Prophecies (movie)
TMPTechnology Migration Program (Cisco)
TMPTeacher Mentor Program
TMPTest Management Protocol (ATMF)
TMPTesting at Manufacturer's Premises (product safety)
TMPTrusted Mobile Platform (IBM, Intel, NTT)
TMPTampere, Finland - Tampere-Pirkkala (Airport Code)
TMPTaranggana Maha Prawira (Jakarta)
TMPThe Mad Project
TMPTheater Manpower Forces (US DoD)
TMPTechnical Management Plan
TMPTalent Management Program
TMPTransition Mathematics Project
TMPTransition Management Plan
TMPTraditional Medical Practitioner
TMPTraining Management Plan
TMPTask Management Plan
TMPTime Manner Place (language)
TMPTransport Mission Pilot
TMPThe Manager's Program (Northwestern University MBA)
TMPTarget Materials Program
TMPTimed Manual Performance
TMPTivoli Management Platform
TMPTechnology Master Planning
TMPTechnical Maintenance Plan (Royal Australian Air Force)
TMPTactical Munitions Dispenser
TMPtrimethylol propan
TMPTerminal Message Processor
TMPTest Management Plan
TMPTelecommunications Management Plan
TMPTechnical Manual Part/Plan
TMPTimor Portugese (East Timor, former ISO code; now TLS)
TMPTactical Military Pistol
TMPTotal Media Professionals
TMPTest Market Profile
TMPTest and Maintenance Processor
TMPTelecommunications Modem Processor
TMPThe Muslim Parliament (UK)
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In its 2007 Temporary Jobs Guidebook, the Staffing Industry Analysts (2007) indicated that demand for temporary labor is expected to outpace the growth of total employment because of a fundamental shift in the composition of the U.S.
The comparable uncontrolled services price method, the comparable profits method, the unspecified method and the gross services margin method provisions of the temporary regulations remain substantially similar to the provisions found in the previously proposed regulations.
Finally, all parties involved in the construction and renovation of buildings in these jurisdictions should also be aware that the New York City Department of Buildings might be enjoined in the near future from issuing any temporary c/o, at least for residential properties.
A draft directive published by the European Commission establishes the principle of non-discrimination in working conditions and includes the right to equal pay between temporary agency workers and permanent workers occupying in identical or similar post.
When an employer is explicit about the job duties, responsibilities, qualifications and expectations when beginning the search for a temporary worker, a staffing agency or service will be much more likely to provide a suitable match from the get-go.
Taxpayers following Walker could thus deduct the costs of commuting to temporary work sites even if they didn't have a home office.
The image of temporary workers doing repetitive, low-skilled tasks has grown as outdated as black and white television.
The National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services reports that there were more than 2 million temporary workers in 1995.
Second, Fortune claims that rapid growth in temporary employment has made Manpower Inc., the nation's biggest temporary-help firm, the largest private employer in the United States, with 600,000 on its payroll.
We believe that the diversity and training of our members enable us to bring an important, balanced, and practical perspective to the issues raised by the temporary and proposed regulations relating to the income tax treatment to be accorded to hedging transactions.
As the example illustrates, in certain circumstances the temporary regulations require depreciation over a longer recovery life or by using a less accelerated method than if the replacement property had been acquired as a separate new asset and depreciated accordingly.
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