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TEMPSTemptations (band)
TEMPSTransportable Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator
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Le temps professionnel de la femme salariee est passee de 3h38mn a 5h39 mn, celui de l'[beaucoup moins que]Aide-familiale[beaucoup plus grand que] de 3h12mn a 3h43mn.
Some of our Christmas temps join us without previous retail experience, so it is a great opportunity for them to work in the industry for a set period of time, and find out if it's the right job for them.
At the moment one of the growing number of temps in Poland or Spain is treated far better than one of the falling number of temps in the UK.
The TUC wants companies to have to offer full rights to temps from day one, and this would help destroy the very jobs the unions are supposed to protect.
The second is closely related to the first: Temps are frequently given wholly inadequate training.
Joe Goldberg, president of West Hills-based Sunbelt Business Brokers, has run through a string of telemarketing temps in the past year, not wanting to commit in a shaky economy unless he's absolutely certain he's found the right one.
While nominally based on Le Temps Retrouve, the last section of Proust's masterpiece, Ruiz's film (coscripted with Proust scholar Gilles Taurand) evokes characters and incidents from the entire magnum opus.
6 million executive temps are at work every business day.
Since 1991, the percentage of payroll paid to professional temps has more than doubled from 2.
Not that this film about four American women working as temps is well known.
About 40 percent of temps in 1995 were clerical workers, according to the industry, but 34 percent were industrial workers and 18 percent were classified as technical or professional.