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It is not the existence of God or the idea of good which he approaches in a tentative or hesitating manner, but the investigations of physiology.
So he lumped one box thereafter, and so well did he study the art of shirking that he wrote a special chapter on it, with the last several paragraphs devoted to tentative generalizations.
But you must guess the hardest part: for the letter ended as it began, with sudden talk of his inner life, and tentative inquiry after mine.
He greeted Trent with a heartiness which was partly tentative, partly boisterous.
"Maybe I go ashore and walk about?" Van Horn challenged with tentative emphasis.
But he was very tentative, fastidiously so, letting Ruth set the pace of sprightliness and fancy, keeping up with her but never daring to go beyond her.
Hamel, though he scareely understood, was quick to appreciate the possible significance of that tentative question.
A few tentative attempts were made to turn the conversation to the events of the day, and a few indiscreet questions were asked; but Muishkin replied to everybody with such simplicity and good-humour, and at the same time with so much dignity, and showed such confidence in the good breeding of his guests, that the indiscreet talkers were quickly silenced.
Having made one or two tentative remarks to the nearest miner, and receiving only short, gruff replies, the traveller resigned himself to uncongenial silence, staring moodily out of the window at the fading landscape.
'As plain as I see you now.' Nutty gave the clubs a tentative swing.
The schedule contains information on the tentative tender dates, tender sizes and issue dates of individual issues, representing rollover of maturing issues and taking into account planned adjustments to the maturity spectrum of the EFBNs portfolio.
Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 board of education members Thursday voted 5-2 to set the tentative budget for the year ahead at $262.2 million.