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Tequila is an alcoholic drink, and its name is based on the city of origin, i.e., Tequila located in Mexico.
What is most loved about this tequila is its very light and fresh taste, making it the ideal sipping spirit you can enjoy on the rocks, with or without a lime wedge.
While the average American might think all tequila is made Mexico by small madre y padre haciendas--and brands some are--much of the Mexican spirit is produced in large, modern facilities using the latest technology to produce excellent tequilas.
The Jose Cuervo brand ambassador recently conducted the World of Tequila master class at The Island in Bonifacio Global City, reminding us that too much of any liquor is sure to leave one sloshed.
On hand will be renowned drinks aficionado Oli Pergl of Maestro Dobel, who will provide an entertaining and informative context to the evening - what he doesn't know about tequila isn't worth knowing.
Among the agaves she stocks are Asombroso; Codigo 1530 Origen, an extra anejo tequila; and Gran Patron Piedra.
Musk's goal of disrupting the multibillion-dollar tequila industry with a "100 percent Puro de Agave" was replied by Mexico's Tequila Regulatory Council as "Not so fast." 
Tequila is an alcoholic drink from Mexico, which was first formulated back in 16th Century, it is fermented out of sugar and carbohydrates through yeast into a drink that we all love and it contains about 38 percent of alcohol content in it.
The staff know their tequila and are happy to work with you to establish your taste requirements for the evening: peppery, smooth, aged?
The US has remained the top destination for tequila exports over the years.
Based on the enthusiasm Marberger experienced, it's no wonder tequila continues its multi-year surge in popularity.