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Our global alliance with TmaxSoft will not only deliver costs savings to legacy mainframe estates, but combined with our advanced mainframe terminal emulation and modernization software will make the data that resides within the mainframe accessible to a whole new generation.
The reseller agreement enables Pick Cloud to offer and leverage AccuSoft's GUI development tools as well as its connectivity and terminal emulation products.
Themes: Customize the user experience to meet the needs of a wide array of terminal emulation users.
Wavelink, an enterprise mobility management company, announced on Monday that it has formed a partnership with Catchwell, a provider of ruggedised mobile devices, under which all of Catchwell's ruggedised mobile devices will be pre-loaded with Wavelink's Avalanche and Terminal Emulation software.
And Wavelink Corp.'s Jay Cichosz, told me his company has been enjoying success in the industrial market, where its terminal emulation solutions help workers more efficiently manage packing and shipping logistics via handheld devices.
Attachmate delivers advanced software for terminal emulation, legacy modernization, managed file transfer and enterprise fraud management.
The new version is compatible with Windows 7 and consists of Open Text Exceed, a PC X server solution for Windows, Open Text HostExplorer, its terminal emulation suite, and its secure shell clients and network file system software.
Attachmate delivers advanced software for terminal emulation, application integration, and secure communications.
Powered by the Windows CE operating system, the device is ideal for operations running terminal emulation, HTML and Intranet applications.
AA Server provides features like Windows object recorder, email automation, terminal emulation, SFTP and more, each in itself extending the reach of automation like never before.
You'll note that most of the major LIMS vendors have either Web-based access to their systems, Web-enabled LIMS, or allow some sort of access via terminal emulation software.
Seattle Lighting originally provided remote access to its distribution-management system using terminal emulation via telnet, which presented security vulnerabilities at the firewall.
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