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TERNTourism Emergency Response Network (UN World Tourism Organization)
TERNTobacco Etiology Research Network (Lexington, KY)
TERNTeacher Education Research Network (UK)
TERNTaiwan Ecological Research Network (est. 1992)
TERNTennessee Economic Renewal Network (coalition)
TERNTelecommunications Education Research Network
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Climate change, which scientists expect to foster stronger and more frequent tropical storms, could lead to more sooty tern deaths.
It is the most important site in the UK for Arctic, common and roseate terns, the second most important site for sandwich tern, and the third most important site for Atlantic puffin.
Tern envisions a new medium-altitude, long-endurance UAS that could operate from helicopter decks on smaller ships in rough seas or expeditionary settings while achieving efficient long-duration flight.
OI, PECK IT IN Arctic tern flies in, sensing nest is under threat
Tern now has controlling interests in three businesses.
A further 450 Blackheaded Gull nests reared 370 young: two Black Terns were surprise visitors to the lagoon on Monday.
The nearby and larger Tern Island, also well vegetated, is elevated higher above sea level and is inundated only when moderate to severe floods or storm surges occur.
WHEN THEY WERE WILLING to put such things in print, biologists called the Caspian tern "the king of all terns.
In one of my favourite photos, I was lucky enough to catch a sandwich tern presenting his partner with a sand eel.
When a least tern was observed flying, standing, or sitting, the plane flew a longitudinal transect at ca.
Gull-billed Tern Picture: DEWI EDWARDS Unlike most other terns they hawk over salt-marshes and coastal fields hunting for their prey, which includes invertebrates and even small amphibians.
Retired scientist Clive Craik and retired biology teacher Rob Lightfoot built the rafts on Loch Creran, Argyll, because mink have decimated so many land-based tern colonies.