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TFTo Follow
TFTierra del Fuego (Argentina province)
TFTo Fill
TFTranscription Factor
TFTask Force
TFToll Free
TFToo Far (chat slang)
TFFrench Southern Territories (ISO country code, top level domain)
TFTeam Fortress (Quake 1)
TFTransformers (toy)
TFThin Film
TFTax Free (finance)
TFTelford (postcode, United Kingdom)
TFTime of Flight
TFTransfer Function (mathematics)
TFThe Fog (movie)
TFTissue Factor (blood coagulation)
TFTwisted Fate
TFTransfer Factor
TFTrack & Field
TFTreatment Facility (various organizations)
TFTime-Frequency (physics)
TFTime Flies
TFTime Required to Fix
TFTom Felton (Draco Malfoy actor)
TFTop Fuel (drag racing)
TFTrade Finance (commerce)
TFTotal Failure
TFTrade Facilitation (various organizations)
TFTactical Fighter
TFTotal Field
TFTop Front
TFTerra Firma
TFTerritorial Force
TFTobacco Free
TFTimber-Framed (structures)
TFTransport Format
TFTank Farm
TFTable Football
TFTraditional Foods
TFTill Forbid (newspaper advertising)
TFTeaching Fellow (various universities)
TFTechnical Foul (basketball)
TFTransmission Fluid (automotive)
TFTransflash Memory Card (mobile device)
TFThomson Financial
TFToenail Fungus
TFTerrain Following
TFTooth Fairy
TFThunder Force (gaming)
TFTotal Film
TFTraining Film
TFTrade Federation (Star Wars Episode I)
TFTrotteur Francais (France)
TFTrue Friends
TFTax Foundation
TFTell Friends
TFTeam Fear
TFThomsen-Friedenreich (antigen)
TFTight Frame
TFTechFest (computing website)
TFTrap Flag
TFToo Funny
TFTrigger Finger (stenosing tendovaginitis)
TFTeknologföreningen (Finnish student nation)
TFTuition Fee
TFTrack Foot
TFTarget Finish
TFTamriel Foundry (roleplaying gaming forum)
TFTransfer Frame
TFToad's Factory
TFTwo Fluid
TFTest Faulty
TFTrade Focus
TFTransaction Format
TFTapered Female (pipe fittings)
TFTotal Forfeiture
TFTactical Fusion
TFTesticular Feminization (reproductive pathology)
TFTrace Flag
TFTransmission Factor (radiation exposure)
TFTemperature At Fail
TFTransit Facility
TFTranche Ferme (Marchés Publics)
TFTerminal File
TFTransient Fault
TFTerminal Forecast
TFType of Funds (USACE)
TFThomas-Fermi Approximation
TFThermal Fine
TFTerminal Flatulance
TFTeam Foodland (airsoft)
TFTill Forbidden
TFTransverse Frame (ship component)
TFTaraqee Foundation (Pakistan)
TFTempered Fury (Everquest Guild)
TFTemporum Felicitas (Latin: Happines of the Times, epigraphy)
TFTallulah Falls Railway Company
TFTerra Fracta (gaming clan)
TFTest/Training Facility
TFTrace Filtering
TFTeam Funnel (skydiving)
TFTired Fanny
TFTrack Fragmentation
TFTraction Fuse
TFTwisted Flex
TFTube Feeder/Feeding (medical; patient with a gastrostomy tube in place)
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Then later still, on Mars, we might move on to the terraforming effort.
Indeed, Lilico has more recently gone still further, arguing that for the $3 trillion that it could cost the world to halt climate change, we would do better to spend the same cash terraforming Mars.
Granted, his world is a CGI treats of simulacrum - he's not actually terraforming an entire, physical planet (we imagine budgetary constraints as well as a lack of adequate storage proved prohibitive) - but it's still a pretty tall order, and one which week he's not going to approach lightly.
Granted, his world is a CGI treats of week simulacrum - he's not actually terraforming an entire, physical planet (we imagine budgetary constraints as well as a lack of adequate storage proved prohibitive) - but it's still a pretty tall order, and one which he's not going to approach lightly.
Khan, long exiled by Kirk to a remote planet, escapes when two men from Star Fleet visit his planet while on a mission related to Project Genesis, involving an astounding terraforming technology.
The trio presented an exclusive sneak peak during their PiF panel, previewing clips of epic, wide-angle vistas and massive, mind-boggling examples of terraforming.
The game takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area after a massive worldwide terraforming event led to the alteration of the landscape, the fall of plants and animal species and the rise to new species.
We are the first life to transform this planet consciously, terraforming terra herself as a result of our actions, mostly unwittingly to date.
Climate change is then understood as the site of emergence for new forms of agency, encompassing unprecedented storms and ocean currents, diplomatic proposals and Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) reports, and documentaries about climate denial and novels about utopian terraforming.
We don't want super intelligence to do terraforming projects; that means take the planet and change its atmosphere or soil or whatever," he said.
British planetary scientist Martyn Fogg explains, "The ultimate in terraforming would be to create an uncontained planetary biosphere emulating all the functions of the biosphere of the Earth--one that would be fully habitable for human beings" Mars in its current condition is not a promising home for Earth life.
But I believe a bacteriological terraforming solution could be found that would modify that atmosphere to the point of usability.