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TTXTetrodotoxin (poison from the Puffer Fish)
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Sex-biased predation on newts of the genus Taricha by a novel predator and its relationship with tetrodotoxin toxicity.
Tetrodotoxin comes from its gallbladder, and if cut up incorrectly, the organ will release its poison.
Accumulation of tetrodotoxin (TTX) in Pseudocaligus fugu, a parasitic copepod from panther puffer Takifugu pardalis but without vertical transmission--using an immunoenzymatic technique.
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An infrequently encountered but important cause of LMND in Australian dogs is ingestion of marine animals, particularly puffer fish or blue-ringed octopus, containing tetrodotoxin. Tetrodotoxin is not exclusive to puffer fish or blue-ring octopus, as the toxin has been identified in some terrestrial frogs and newts as well as several marine sea stars and sea slugs [87-89].
Blockade of TNF signaling during prolonged tetrodotoxin (TTX) treatment prevented scaling up of excitatory synapses in hippocampal neurons.
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(2003) Tetrodotoxin levels in eggs of the roughskin newt, Taricha granulosa, are correlated with female toxicity.
([dagger]) Other agents implicated were tetrodotoxin (3 outbreaks) and Campylobacter, chaconine, Paragonimus, other virus, sulfite, and Trichinella (1 outbreak each).
Another research has demonstrated that SOP was similar to tetrodotoxin (TTX), and it inhibits the [I.sub.Na], [I.sub.NCX], and diastolic [Ca.sup.2+] concentration, in addition to contractility in rabbit ventricular myocytes.
The abnormal area on the axon could be formed due to channels blocking; for example, the potassium or sodium ion channels can be, respectively, blocked or disabled by adding cell toxins such as tetraethylammonium (TEA) and/or tetrodotoxin (TTX) in experiments.