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TEDTechnology, Education, Design
TEDTechnology Education
TEDText Editor
TEDTeacher Education Department (various universities)
TEDTenders Electronic Daily (European Union Journal)
TEDTransferência Eletrônica Disponível (Portuguese: Electronic Funds Transfer; Brazil)
TEDTechnical Education Department (various schools)
TEDThe Editorial Department (Tucson, AZ)
TEDTurk Egitim Dernegi
TEDTroubles Envahissants du Développement (French: Pervasive Developmental Disorder; France)
TEDTransient Enhanced Diffusion
TEDTechnology Entertainment and Design (conference)
TEDTourism Economic Development (various locations)
TEDTime and Event Driven (software)
TEDTorrent Episode Downloader (file sharing software; Niue)
TEDTokyo Electron Device (semiconductors; Tokyo, Japan)
TEDThe Electrical Distributor (magazine; National Association of Electrical Distributors, Inc.)
TEDTotal Effective Dose
TEDTransmission Electron Diffraction
TEDTrace Element Descriptor
TEDTransferred Electron Device
TEDTelevision Electronic Disc
TEDTriple Error Detection
TEDTiered Electronic Distribution
TEDThyroid Eye Disease
TEDTraffic Enforcement Division (New York Police Department; New York, NY)
TEDTraffic Engineering Database
TEDTiny Editor
TEDTreasury EuroDollar
TEDThermoelectric Device
TEDTooheys Extra Dry (Australian beer)
TEDTime Exposed to Danger (risk assessment)
TEDTunnel Endpoint Discovery (Cisco)
TEDTele Dialog (German: telecommunication dialogue)
TEDTiming Error Detector
TEDTransmitted Electron Detection (physics)
TEDTotal Energy Detector
TEDTurkish Education Association
TEDTenis Eskrim Dagcilik Kulubu (Istanbul, Turkey)
TEDTrunk Encryption Device
TEDTechnical Directive
TEDTiered Electronic Distribution (Novell ZENWorks)
TEDTransferred-Electron Devices
TEDTrailing Edge Down
TEDTriteal Enterprise Desktop
TEDThrombo-Embolic Disease
TEDTurbine Engine Diagnostics
TEDTurtle Excluding Device (modification to fishing nets to prevent the incidental capture of turtles)
TEDTransfer Effective Date
TEDThreat Environment Description
TEDTouch Entry Display
TEDTotal Employee Development
TEDThrombo-Embolism Deterrent
TEDTraffic Enforcement Decoy
TEDTaylor Expansion Diagram
TEDTypical Enlisted Dude
TEDTask Execution Description
TEDTraining Equipment Development
TEDTrack Etch Dosimeter
TEDTest & Evaluation Directorate
TEDTransient Electrical Discharge
TEDTactical Eye Devices (US Army)
TEDTrial Evaluation Document
TEDThreat Environment Defense
TEDTextile Engineering Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
TEDThisted, Denmark - Thisted (Airport Code)
TEDTest of Economic Decisionmaking
TEDThe Emperor's Decree
TEDThreshold Erythema Dose
TEDTransport En Département (French: Transportation Department; France)
TEDTouch Entry Device
TEDTamper-Evident Device
TEDTreasuries Over Eurodollars (credit spread)
TEDTraining and Educational Device
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They needed a rich text editor that could cope with importing from Word, allow for content manipulation within forms, and empower the end-users with intuitive editing capabilities.
The 300KB program can be downloaded, run and then used as a text editor. The user provides a password to secure the data.
It integrates an IAR C/EC++ compiler, assembler, linker, ANSI libraries, text editor, project manager and C-SPY debugger all in one integrated development environment.
Even if you have only one database to work with, the drag and drop scripting (you simply drag one or more schema items to any text editor supporting OLE drag and drop) together with very flexible scripting options makes AdeptSQL Diff a perfect tool to reverse-engineer your database schema.
If you dislike Wordpad, you can search the web for a different text editor (try "text editors" at http://tucows.mirror.ac.uk).
They talk about downloading and installing the Java Development Kit (JDK), setting the PATH and CLASSPATH, and selecting a text editor. Setting up the environment can be a daunting task, and the first three chapters alone could potentially distinguish this book as a valuable resource for beginners.
Line Length--Set line lengths in your text editor at 80 characters or less to make them less likely to wrap prematurely.
The IDE boosts productivity above what is possible using scripting languages that were designed to be used with a text editor and console window.
The program includes a complete G-code text editor. It also includes drop-down menus for drill, tap, bore, and lathe machining.
If instructors want to keep the course material, they have to first enter all content into a text editor and save the files to a hard disk, as well as to the WebCT server.
SMIL simplifies the process of writing "TV-like" multimedia for the web to the point where such content can be authored inside a text editor.
With SMIL, producing audio-visual content does not require learning a programming language and can be done using a simple text editor.