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TOAToken of Appreciation (marketing)
TOATransfer of Accountability (Health Standards Association; Canada)
TOATrials of Apollo (gaming)
TOATable of Acronyms
TOATransfer of Affection
TOATime Of Arrival
TOATransfer of Authority
TOATop of the Atmosphere
TOATrials of Ascension (role-playing game)
TOATrials of Atlantis (game)
TOATäter-Opfer-Ausgleich (German: Offender-Victim Mediation; Austria)
TOATdm over Atm
TOATable of Authorities
TOATake-Off Angle
TOATerms Of Agreement
TOATable of Authorities (legal documents)
TOATransfer of Assets
TOATruth On-Air (Christian Internet radio station)
TOATubo-Ovarian Abscess
TOATape on Air (broadcasting)
TOATheater of Operations
TOATotal Obligation(al) Authority
TOATornado Watch (Emergency Alert System Code)
TOATable of Allowance
TOATradeoff Analysis
TOAType of Address (telecom/computing)
TOATime-Off Award
TOATexas Orthopaedic Association
TOATaxi Owners Association (UK)
TOATask Order Agreement (contracting)
TOATrace Organic Analysis
TOAThreshold of Audibility
TOATeacher on Assignment
TOATemple of Ages (gaming, Guild Wars)
TOATeam Outdoor Addicts
TOATransporte Oruga Acorazado (Spanish: Armored Personnel Carrier)
TOATransportation Operating Agency
TOATable of Allocation
TOAThe Outlaw Army (gaming clan)
TOATransocean Airlines (1946-1960)
TOAThermooptical Analysis
TOATeens of America
TOATorrance, California Municipal Airport (Zamperini Field; airport code)
TOATheatre Owners of America
TOATrim on Assembly (aircraft/automotive assembly)
TOATable of Organization and Allowance
TOATerra Ocean Atmosphere
TOATarifordnung für Angestellte des Öffentlichen Dienstes (public service salary scheme, since 1961 BAT)
TOATangent of Angle X = Opposite Side Length / Adjacent Side Length (Right Angled Triangle)
TOATask Order Analysis
TOAToyota of America (automobile retailer)
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forces in the European theater of operations. In December 1946, President Harry S.
The movement's coordination and control considers both the movement and transports which are to be executed, outside and inside the theater of operations. This requirement asks for the existence of some specialized structures, at the level of the multinational force/ regional commands, which have to be able to complete these actions in accordance with the orders and dispositions of the multinational force commander.
It contains current methods and equipment used in planning, designing, and constructing earthwork in the theater of operations.
"Having exhausted our rhetoric on everything from wars on poverty to wars on drugs, we may not think it's an all-out war, but they do," he writes "They know exactly what it is: War of a new kind, the whole globe its theater of operations" Kerry's prescription: "America must lead an international crusade ...
In fact, "no chemical or biological weapons were found in the Kuwait Theater of Operations," he testified.
Military Academy at West Point (1905-1909) and commissioned a 2d lieutenant in the artillery on graduation; after three years' service in the western states, he returned to West Point as an instructor (1912-1916); served in Hawaii, and then at the Field Artillery School, Fort Sill; served in occupation forces in Germany (1919); his service between the wars included attendance at the Command and General Staff School, and the Army War College, with service also at West Point, on the War Department staff in Washington, and in Panama; after the outbreak of World War II, commanded the 9th Division at Fort Bragg (October 1940); commanded the Armored Force at Fort Knox (July 1941-May 1943); commander of European Theater of Operations, U.S.
The result would be fewer patients with a need to be air-evacuated out of the theater of operations and quicker return of the ill and injured to combat units.
This also includes the 135 public affairs personnel stationed overseas in the theater of operations.
"The protection of those at risk is the raison d'tre of modern peacekeeping operations, regardless of the specificities of the mandate of the United Nations, the theater of operations or the countries involved," the Minister of National Defense emphasized.
The theater of operations is mostly barren heights and rocky valleys, with caves, some used by the gunmen.
Carter said to the US troops at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, "We will strongly pressure on Daash from the south, to strengthen our existing and powerful, this course will have additional benefits to help the security of our Jordanians partners and to separate the theater of operations in Syria for the theater of operations in Iraq even more." / End
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