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TXTexas (US postal abbreviation)
TXTherapy (medical)
TXTransfer (medical)
TXTreatment (medical)
TXTorpex (explosive)
TXTheta Xi (fraternity)
TXTungsten X (Palm product)
TXTerminatrix (Terminator 3 movie)
TXTalk Xbox (gaming fansite)
TXTechnology Exploitation
TXTrack Transmit
TXTank, Expansion/Contraction
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The role of language therapy with the Spanish-English bilingual client.
For instance, in cognitive therapy for depression, a therapist assists patients in identifying and correcting faulty beliefs, such as a tendency to regard any setback as confirmation of one's failure as a person.
Unless someone is getting to the root of the problem with talk therapy, according to this view, drugs are anesthetics that kill pain and temporarily improve function but allow patients to avoid necessary emotional struggles.
Named a 2004 School of Distinction by the ACCSCT, we have been an international leader in massage therapy education for over 25 years.
* Data presented at 3rd International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection focuses on positive effects of IL-2.
Recent literature encourages the use of play therapy as a counseling medium for elementary school counselors (Baker & Gerler, 2004; Newsome & Gladding, 2003; Schmidt, 2003; White & Flynt, 1999).
Even though the program's budget had increased from $4 million to $44 million in five years, there was no change in the number of children receiving funding for therapy.
These discoveries have created new frontiers for novel molecular cancer prevention and treatment leading to the development of molecular medicine in cancer therapy. In addition, these novel targets and pathways have presented excellent translational research opportunities for revolutionizing cancer drug development and bringing more effective molecular cancer therapies and cancer prevention strategies into clinical practice.
Biotechnology and breeding provide the genetic potential; Crop Health Therapy helps to realize it.
Radiation-induced fibrosis (RIF) is an uncommon complication of radiation therapy. Although radiation damage to the soft tissue has been reported to occur in as many as 40% of patients, RIF accounts for only a small fraction of these cases.
We had established that many HIV+ homeless patients do well when prescribed HIV antiretroviral therapy in the U.S.
"Our focus was on ensuring that our patients received the appropriate number of minutes of therapy."