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One Saturday night he did not come home, and thereafter all their efforts to get trace of him were futile.
Shortly thereafter a guard entered our compartment and dragged me to the deck.
As he was commander-in-chief of the navy, it would be a simple matter for him to order the vessels there as they could be handled, and thereafter keep the remodelled fleet in remote parts of the empire until we should be ready to assemble it for the dash upon Omean.
Thereafter, every day for a week he watched unseen to see her pass his home.
Thereafter he put some in the same place every day.
Thereafter they all set out, and made their way to the ship; and after that nothing is told of their voyage until the King reached his own country.
Soon thereafter another incident happened, which I shall always recall with pleasure.
The Kincaid settled rapidly almost immediatel thereafter, and sank within a few minutes.
Often he had exercised it, chirping to his subjects in the tongue of Langa-Langa: "Slay here," and "Slay there"; "Thou shalt die," and "Thou shalt live." Because his father, a year abdicated, had chosen foolishly to interfere with his son's government, he had called two boys and had them twist a cord of coconut around his father's neck so that thereafter he never breathed again.
Very shortly thereafter the earth shook to the explosion of a shell within the city, and from time to time thereafter other shells burst at no great distance from the palace.
I remember forms, and gaits, and faces; and you can't disguise a person that's done me a kindness so that I won't know him thereafter wherever I find him.
Thereafter I saw little of them, nor did I care to.