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TFTransformers (toy)
TFTrack & Field
TFTransmission Fluid (automotive)
TFTransflash Memory Card (mobile device)
TFTooth Fairy
TFTrotteur Francais (France)
TFTrue Friends
TFTrap Flag
TFToo Funny
TFTrigger Finger (stenosing tendovaginitis)
TFTuition Fee
TFTwo Fluid
TFTesticular Feminization (reproductive pathology)
TFTrace Flag
TFTransmission Factor (radiation exposure)
TFTransit Facility
TFTranche Ferme (Marchés Publics)
TFTerminal File
TFTransient Fault
TFTerminal Forecast
TFType of Funds (USACE)
TFThomas-Fermi Approximation
TFThermal Fine
TFTill Forbidden
TFTransverse Frame (ship component)
TFTaraqee Foundation (Pakistan)
TFTempered Fury (Everquest Guild)
TFTemporum Felicitas (Latin: Happines of the Times, epigraphy)
TFTallulah Falls Railway Company
TFTerra Fracta (gaming clan)
TFTeam Funnel (skydiving)
TFTest/Training Facility
TFTrace Filtering
TFTired Fanny
TFTrack Fragmentation
TFTwisted Flex
TFTraction Fuse
TFTube Feeder/Feeding (medical; patient with a gastrostomy tube in place)
TFTotal Film
TFTechnical Foul (basketball)
TfTemperature At Fail
TfTest Faulty
TFToo Far (chat slang)
TFTotal Field
TFTrade Federation (Star Wars Episode I)
TFTraining Film
TFTransaction Format
TFTransfer Factor
TFTo Fill
TFTo Follow
TFTop Front
TFTotal Forfeiture
TFTime of Flight
TFTactical Fusion
TFTask Force
TFTeam Fortress (Quake 1)
TFTerra Firma
TFTerrain Following
TFTerritorial Force
TFTax Foundation
TFTierra del Fuego (Argentina province)
TFThomson Financial
TFTransfer Frame
TFTable Football
TFTop Fuel (drag racing)
TFTelford (postcode, United Kingdom)
TFTranscription Factor
TFTell Friends
TFTobacco Free
TFTill Forbid (newspaper advertising)
TFTarget Finish
TFThe Fog (movie)
TFTight Frame
TFTechFest (computing website)
TFTapered Female (pipe fittings)
TFTransfer Function (mathematics)
TFTeam Fear
TFTrade Finance (commerce)
TFTank Farm
TFThin Film
TFTactical Fighter
TFTime Required to Fix
TFTotal Failure
TFTeaching Fellow (various universities)
TFTime-Frequency (physics)
TFToll Free
TFFrench Southern Territories (ISO country code, top level domain)
TFTwisted Fate
TFTom Felton (Draco Malfoy actor)
TFTax Free (finance)
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Our larger competitors have parameters to work within that do not exist at Maryland Thermoform.
Scott Macdonald, speaking for Maryland Thermoform emphasized, "our two distinctive processing methods allow for specific market emphasis as well.
Maryland Thermoform, started by Tony Gerace in the early seventies, thermoformed exclusively with cut sheet processing equipment until 1994, when the company was reorganized and reopened as a multi-faceted processor with a cut sheet and roll-fed equipment.
The maximum tensile strength of ~45 MPa, thermoform temperature at 150[degrees]C and the maximum elongation 58% at 150[degrees]C thermoform temperature were shown in Fig.
Effect of the thermoform dept (25 mm, 35 mm, 75 mm) and thermal aging (at 60[degrees]C) on the tensile strength properties of PVC and PE double layer packaging materials are shown in Fig.
Elongations were obtained in the maximum value as 162% of thermoform molding temperature at 165[degrees]C (Fig.
As a result of tear tests, while thermoform molding temperature increases, tear resistance of material decreases (Fig.