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THESThessalonians (New Testament)
THESTimes Higher Education Supplement (UK)
THESThessalian (linguistics)
THESToronto Hydro Energy Services
THESThunder Hill Elementary School (Columbia, MD)
THESTechnicolor Home Entertainment Services, Inc. (Camarillo, CA)
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Both HASSET and ELSST not only incorporate a tree view to aid in searching, but have a visual graph, making the thesaurus easier to navigate for both the novice and more experienced user.
Paul Getty, the billionaire oilman, Anglophile, and avid collector of art and antiquities, for indirectly sparking early interest in creating a thesaurus of music terms by MLA members.
If a thesaurus or classification system states that it is faceted, but re-uses the same value in two different facets, it should not be considered truly faceted.
Unlike standard academic practice and much like the previous publications of Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation, the team of scholars employed by the Foundation to prepare this wonderful edition remains anonymous; the publication bears no name, not even of a general editor.
Key words: OMCCAAF, organizational memory, knowledge management, accounting & financial taxonomy and/or thesaurus, conceptual framework
Its new thesaurus lets users see words in real-world sentences drawn from a wide ranging collection of texts, allowing the user to compare words side by side.
The International Food Information Service (IFIS) is pleased to announce that a major revision of the FSTA[TM] Thesaurus has now been released.
The 1970s were exciting years for those involved in subject analysis--a term used broadly here to encompass indexing, classification, thesaurus construction, and related "manual" or intellectual means of identifying topical content.
The Thesaurus contains the vocabulary used by the American Psychological Association when indexing all of its electronic databases in order to maintain consistency.
The thesaurus offers over 2,500 entries, giving parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, and sample sentences for each word, with small blue-tinted illustrations on most pages.