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"In the examination which precedes ordination, a thesis is always a requisite."
"Now," continued Aramis, taking the same graceful position in his easy chair that he would have assumed in bed, and complacently examining his hand, which was as white and plump as that of a woman, and which he held in the air to cause the blood to descend, "now, as you have heard, D'Artagnan, Monsieur the Principal is desirous that my thesis should be dogmatic, while I, for my part, would rather it should be ideal.
"CERTES," said Aramis, "I do justice to the beauties of this thesis; but at the same time I perceive it would be overwhelming for me.
"Stop there!" cried the Jesuit, "for that thesis touches closely upon heresy.
"Now," hastily interrupted the Jesuit, on seeing that his acolyte was going astray, "now your thesis would please the ladies; it would have the success of one of Monsieur Patru's pleadings."
Chrysostom, kicking about famously the sheets of the thesis, which had fallen on the floor.
And as he looked at the row of volumes that graced the upper shelf of his revolving book-case, his volumes, beginning with his Thesis and ending with Women and Work, he decided that that was the world he would hold to and stick by.
The further he delved into his thesis, and the more he expounded it, the clearer could I see that on his mind there was something which he could not, dared not, divulge.
Let us adopt the cheerful thesis that I am a murderer; it has yet to be shown that I am a magician.
The topic of her M.Phil thesis was 'Halka Arbab-e-Zouk Peshawar for in the promotion of Urdu Poetry'.
The firm bought Thesis' private client business, distribution network, direct support teams and its financial planning business Pallant for an undisclosed sum.
A netizen, Sophia Ferrer, shared photos of her dad's 23-year-old thesis, which shows him mentioning his girlfriend, who later became his wife.