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He was a third-generation specialist in the nature of speech, and he knew that for the transmission of spoken words there must be "a pulsatory action of the electric current which is the exact equivalent of the aerial impulses."
The presence of an ESBL was confirmed by microbiologic and biochemical tests using different third-generation cephalosporins as substrates for the enzymes present in bacterial sonicates and an iodometric detection system (9).
Because cephalosporin resistance in salmonellae has not been reported before in the Caribbean, we investigated the mechanism behind this third-generation cephalosporin resistance further.
In Japan, mobile phones have been shifting to the third-generation models featuring faster data transmission.
The number is dwarfed by the 7 million units reached in early April by third-generation mobile handsets with similar sophisticated functions sold by its archrival KDDI Corp.
NTT DoCoMo's third-generation mobile phones are called the FOMA series, which kicked off services in October 2001.
DoCoMo said it has cooperated with Singapore Telecommunications in the experimental stage of the third-generation mobile phone technology but the two companies have no capital ties.
NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan's dominant mobile phone service provider, plans to launch its FOMA third-generation mobile phone service in October, while the J-phone group plans to launch its new service next June.
Attention to third-generation Holocaust representation within the fields of Holocaust literature and Holocaust history has lagged behind trends in Holocaust criticism more broadly.
The company has four HPR1000 units under construction around the world, which is the world's only third-generation pressurized water reactor nuclear power project constructed according to schedule.
Argo AI, a partner of United States-based Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), has deployed a fleet of its third-generation self-driving test vehicles on the streets of Detroit.
China's third-generation ID card will reportedly contain information on an individual's blood sample, and incorporate a global positioning system (GPS) tracking device, which is causing Taiwanese working in China anxiety.
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